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Preparing for the next month

I have almost finished moving from one house to the next. Most boxes have been unpacked already and the only thing lacking is a cable from the router on first floor to the basement where the study (and all the computers) is located.  New surroundings provide new insights and new desires. I started Ruminations on the Digital Realm about a year ago and gradually it focused on W2L migration issues. I like Linux and open source, but also realize I have my own ideas on what is needed for it to make a serious leap to the endusers’ desktop.

Last month I spend most of my time on PC-BSD and -as I wrote before- I will spend some more time on the *BSD’s in the coming months. I do believe that the cluster FreeBSD/PC-BSD/DesktopBSD will provide a serious candidate for the open source desktop in the near future. The Linux world would do well to keep a close eye on what is happening outside it’s own realm. Microsoft is moving ahead with it’s own initiatives and even succeeded in getting some licenses approved as open source licenses. If ever there is a time for some serious consolidation in the Linux world the coming year might be a good time to start. But then again, that is just my opinion.

Anyway, today I launched a new version of Ruminations. The content is still the same, though the packaging has changed. I run this site on WordPress and my previous theme didn’t support most of the new features. This theme is somewhat brighter and more colorful, which seems to fit my mood and my intentions. I am still working on the new categories, the new tag system and some quirks here and there.

There are some more challenges ahead for the coming months, involvements in other writing activities, and an update on the dvd for the readers of the book. Enough to keep a busy man occupied.

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