Ruminations on the Digital Realm

Jan Stedehouder

Who is Jan Stedehouder?

Well. what do you want to know?

Perhaps it is good to realize I am not a novice writer. I am writing about Linux, open source and open standards for a few years now. Originally I only wrote for SoftwareBus, a bimonthly magazine published by the  CompUsers usergroup (previously DOS-gg) of the HCC, the single largest computerusers group in the Netherlands. So far I’ve written six books, in Dutch

This year (2011) I’ll be co-editing the Open Source Yearbook again and working on a new book about Ubuntu.

Over the years I was/am active for various media, like Livre, Media Update, Linux Bizz and BSD Magazine, as journalist, columnist and writer. The Dutch Ubuntu community regularly invites me to hold presentations for them.

I guess I am considered to be highly critical and have been called a ‘professional pain in the ass’. Both qualifications are quite accurate. I firmly believe that the cause of open source and open standards benefits from critical and independent journalism. I don’t limit my criticism to proprietary parties, but take a close look at government and how it implements its own open source policy and at parties in the open domain. For some, it takes some getting used to.

But, life expands beyond the open domain, at least, it does for me. In daily life I am responsible for various social work projects in Rotterdam. I am married with Agnes. We are both Jehovah’s Witnesses and serve in a Papiamentu-speaking (spoken by people from Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao) congregation in Rotterdam.

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