Ruminations on the Digital Realm

Jan Stedehouder

A blank sheet for Ruminations on the Digital Realm

Well, this wasn’t what I planned but it happened anyway. Today I came to the sad conclusion that the previous Ruminations on the Digital Realm was hacked. On the one hand,no biggie. Things like that can happen and they are a nuisance at best. On the other hand it would be a lot of work to go over the previous site, hoping I didn’t miss anything. Time and energy I don’t want to waste. The Joomla-based website only had a handful of articles and those can be retrieved quickly enough (sorry about the comments though) and the site before that one was WordPress-based (which means it’s a matter of fooling around with the database to restore that piece of history). Thus I decided to scrap the whole lot for now and begin anew. A fresh start for Ruminations on the Digital Realm.

It means going back to WordPress as well. The functionalities Joomla have to offer are better for what I wish to accomplish, but I do miss the notification that new versions for the plugins are available. I will have to be creative with WordPress and slowly build the site into what I want it to be.

So, if you came here via Google of via a hyperlink looking for older articles I apologize for now. They will be restored sooner or later.

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