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Ruminations is moving

I agree. This site has been too quit for too long, and it is time to change it.

First, some explanation. 2008 was a great year for me as a writer, columnist and journalist. I was given the opportunity to write two books on migrating to Ubuntu Linux and one one open source and open standards. I could contribute to a textbook for higher education and was co-editor of the Dutch open source yearbook 2008/2009. As editor of the online open source magazine Livre I was on top of the international open news. Regular readers know I have a thing for the BSD’s and it was an honor to be able to contribute to the new BSD Magazine. Apart from this I continued writing pieces for Digiplace and SoftwareBus, a magazine for a Dutch computerusers group. Well, I guess you can understand why I decided a brief writing sabbatical was in order.

But now, playing time is over. I used the sabbatical to refocus my writing, deciding upon the projects I wish to contribute (as most of my writing is volunteer work I have to spend my time wisely) and the topics I want to write about this year. One of those projects is Transparante Zaken, transparant affairs, which should develop itself into an independent news- and opinionsite for the open domain as well as a platform for the Dutch open communities to make themselves heard and known. This site is an initiative of myself and Brenno de Winter, the foremost ICT-journalist in the Netherlands who is currently involved in a massive Freedom of Information Act campaign in order to get a grip on the actual open source/open standards policies of various governments.

Ruminations on the Digital Realm has always been my playground in English with reviews about Linux distributions and -for instance- the two ’30 days with…’ series about PC-BSD and DesktopBSD. Another aspect has been my ideas on how to promote open source, like yesterday’s article ‘Embrace and extend‘. I believe it’s time to put some muscle behind Ruminations again and start writing those reviews and opinion pieces.

I did decide to say goodbye to this old blog. WordPress has been a great companion for the last three years, but the kind of articles I wish to write and the way I want to organize them for future reference require a different platform. In this case Joomla. The new site is ready to roll. Starting coming Monday the URL http://www.ruminationsonthedigitalrealm will point forward to the new Joomla-based website. This blog will remain, albeit at a different location.

For those who follow Ruminations via newsfeeds, please update the URL’s to: (for the new site) (for the old site)

Looking forward to meeting everyone at the new location.


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