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The three worst Linux distributions?

Well, it seems there are some more writers out there that (a) love Linux and (b) debunk distributions that fall way short of their own goals. On the Internetling blog Gregor lists the three worst distributions he knows.

gOS is on three:

I checked out the last version of gOS, and again it s a meaningless pile of installed packages already available for every other major Linux distro out there.

Zebuntu/ZevenOS is on two:

I reviewed this distro a while ago and I though it’s cool that someone is aiming to create a distro in the spirit of BeOS. Looks like the developers didn’t hear the last part. It said ‘philosophy’ not ‘theme’.

And Linux XP is topping the list:

I’m still wondering whether this distro is violating the GPL. For Pete’s sake they have a 30-day TRIAL. Linux XP is a Fedora re-spin with a Vista skin, Wine and some other front-ends. It is being sold, you can also obtain a serial number.

Well, the fact is that the GPL allows reselling commercially and there are commercial distributions that won’t allow updates if you don’t pay. Anyway, I like the list and I like what Gregor is doing.


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