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Sanity on Linux security

Ah, this is one article to my liking. No “Linux is secure, so why bother” but some down-to-earth sane advice on Linux security. Or do you think all those security applications wound up in the repositories by accident?
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Keeping your Linux safe – How security is not always what you think. Or maybe it is

So, what’s an admin to do? Be it a server or network at home or in a small business, heck, even at the enterprise level, there is no shortage of advice on how to handle security.

Meaning. Start at the basics. Begin with practices and habits. Don’t be lazy, use secure passwords, don’t write them down. Exercise that flabby memory!

There are lots of great, cool tools and apps to help secure and tighten down a system. They do absolutely no good though, if you don’t use them. Take the time to read how they work. Install them. USE them.

Remember, just as in securing a home or office, if someone wants in bad enough they will find a way in. It doesn’t matter how much money you spend, how many tools you use, locks you install. Greed and desperation are fierce opponents. Never think you are impenetrable.

What does that mean? Never let your guard down.
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