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Jan Stedehouder

Ubuntu 8.04 W2L final released

The Ubuntu 8.04 W2L edition has been build to accompany the second edition of Probleemloos overstappen op Linux, a Dutch book about migrating to Linux. The Ubuntu DVD aims at providing a panoramic overview of what Ubuntu has to offer as to desktop environments and a wide range of applications for audio, video, graphics, office, networking, software development, security and some games to waste time. As such it isn’t a new version of Ubuntu, but simply a fattened version of the original cd. Thus, it is also an easy install for software gluttons ;-).

Using Reconstructor the vanilla Ubuntu 8.04.1 disk has been extended with:

1. Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Edubuntu and UbuntuStudio (though without the rt kernel),
2. the software repositories of Medibuntu, Google, PlayOnLinux and Remastersys, and
3. the following list of packages (a straightforward sudo apt-get install):

ubuntu-restricted-extras sun-java6-jre sun-java6-plugin non-free-codecs mozilla-plugin-vlc mozilla-mplayer gnochm deskscribe easycrypt emacs gdesklets isomaster kiso kitchensync kmobiletools kpilot krusader multisync putty qemulator qink rar rsibreak spamassassin unison qemu-launcher zim celestia childsplay earth3d littlewizard stellarium dfo flickrfs gpsdrive kflickr pdfedit rawstudio ufraw xpdf googleearth prism-google-calendar prism-google-docs prism-google-groups prism-google-mail prism-google-reader prism-google-talk amaya amsn amule aria azureus blam gnome-blog blogtk linuxdcpp drivel emesene etherape prism-facebook prism-twitter prismstumbler filezilla firestarter gtwitter gwget idjc kmess knode logjam nzb pan seamonkey straw ttb xchat fbreader eqonomize glom gnucash gramps grisbi homebank koffice labyrinth openclipart semantik taskjuggler wine gnome-art gshare gtweakui workrave anjuta bluefish eclipse jedit kdevelop netbeans quanta freemind scite acidrip banshee bmpx easytag exaile vlc streamtuner noatun miro lastfm kstreamripper juk compizconfig-settings-manager compiz-kde dosemu gparted hubackup inkblot qgrubeditor kgrubeditor qtemu sbackup pysdm virtualbox-ose virtualbox-ose-modules-generic criawips istanbul yakuake p7zip seamonkey-chatzilla xaralx gtk-recordmydesktop krecordmydesktop recordmydesktop pitivi amarok likewise-open likewise-open-gui b43-fwcutter bcm43xx-fwcutter sun-java6-plugin wink kompozer vim-common vim-doc kmymoney2 remastersys avscan clamav clamav-freshclam clamtk klamav encfs cryptkeeper easycrypt rkhunter chkrootkit tripwire nmap nessus nessus-plugins nessusd zenmap playonlinux abiword-plugins displayconfig-gtk acroread acroread-escript acroread-plugins mozilla-acroread celestia-gnome celestia-kde language-pack-nl language-pack-nl-base language-pack-gnome-nl language-pack-gnome-nl-base language-support-nl language-support-translations-nl language-pack-kde-nl language-pack-kde-nl-base koffice-i18n-nl mozilla-firefox-locale-nl-nl thunderbird opera skype 3dchess adonthell adonthell-data boson boson-data circuslinux circuslinux-data extremetuxracer extremetuxracer-data frozen-bubble frozen-bubble-data hedgewars hedgewars-data lincity-ng lincity-ng-data planetpenguin-racer planetpenguin-racer-data planetpenguin-racer-extras supertux supertux-data supertux-data-stable supertuxkart-data torcs torcs-data torcs-data-cars torcs-data-tracks warzone2100 warzone2100-data wesnoth wesnoth-all gbrainy gnudoq neverball pingus warsow warsow-data warsow-server alien-arena alien-arena-data alien-arena-server sauerbraten sauerbraten-data sauerbraten-server

The book will go to market in the first week of October 2008. This is the disk that will accompany the book. It can be downloaded via bittorrent from LinuxTracker.


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