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Missed the HOPE convention? Listen to the audio recordings

From July 18th till 20th 2008 the seventh Hackers of Planet Earth conference was held in New York City. These conferences are sponsored by 2600 The hacker Quarterly. For those who missed the conference, or couldn’t attend it, the audiorecordings of the talks are online, all in MP3 format, both in 16 kpbs and 64 kbps.

Now, maybe you are not a hacker and have no plans of becoming one. Why would you be interested in this material? For one, it is simply interesting to listen to guys like Kevin Mitnick or Adam Savage (Mythbusters). Mostly these talks open your eyes for security and privacy issues relating technology or your lifestyle. Are you worried about RFID, the search of your laptop by the US Customs or the consequences of the Freedom of Information Act? Do you want to know more about the (ab)use of VoIP? Well, it’s there in one of the 100 talks that are available.

Have fun listening!


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