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Jan Stedehouder

"Knowledge is power. Hide it well"

One of my favorite games is Warhammer 40.000. I prefer it over Command & Conquer since Warhammer forces you to think about the units you build up and puts a cap on the amount of units you can build. And a gung-ho attack usually doesn’t work. Anyway, the saying: “Knowledge is power. Hide it well” is often repeated by one of the commanders and it seemed a fitting opening for a new series on security awareness.

The decision to move this weblog into a new direction has been liberating for me. I have some ideas on how to proceed from here. The first order of business is to read up on issues like security, digital rights, the technology that threatens both and the technology that is available to counter the threats. It gives me a good excuse to return back to an older interest, hack radio. The blogroll now contains links to Hacker Public Radio and Hackermedia. I’ve been looking into anonymous e-mail services, into anonymous proxy services like TOR and JAP, the pros and cons of these security measures. Encryption and steganography are on the list.

In the coming time I want to write articles for the less tech-savvy users on how to implement these measures and others like them, using open source tools and public information source to put limits on your ‘information leaks’. Apart from this I am gathering newsfeeds from various newssources dealing with security, digital rights, freedom on the internet etcetera. It’s an interesting world out there and it provides new insights and ideas.


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