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Xubuntu + BeOS like theme + Remastersys = PC/OS?

This must have been the briefest test run a Linux distribution had on my box. Frankly, when I noticed GRUB on the CD it already was out of the window. For good measure I continued until the live desktop, only to confirm the massive suspicion I had. This is yet another remaster posing as something new. The culprit: PC/OS. Or should the blame fall squarely on DesktopLinux who had the gall to present this as “BeOS-like distro focused on content creation

What is PC/OS? First, let the website lingo do it’s thing:

So whats unique regarding PC/OS. Its the first Linux based distribution that provides ease of use out of the box. It provides all multimedia codecs out of the box, an easy to use and simplified interface. Great compatibility with older hardware to help you extend your hardware and software investments…

Now, what is it really: PC/OS is a straight-forward Xubuntu with a BeOS-like slapped on it, some minor customizations to the panels and the builder used Remastersys to make a distributable copy of his own desktop. So, please, enlighten me, make me understand: what is so fracking unique about PC/OS? How can anyone with a sane mind use the phrase: “It’s the first Linux based distribution that provides ease of use out of the box.”? It’s Xubuntu first, last and in the middle. Right, it comes with “ubuntu-restricted-extras” pre-installed.

But hey, everyone is entitled to do his or her own thing, label it and redistribute it. In all fairness, PC/OS gives glory to it’s Ubuntu roots:

PC/OS roots are derived from the Ubuntu distribution. Ubuntu is created and maintained by Canonical Inc. and has a vast community support system. By basing PC/OS on this outstanding base we cover two grounds, a lot of the problems and fixes are in line with Ubuntu. Many fixes for Ubuntu and Xubuntu work on PC/OS. All software compiled for Ubuntu runs on PC/OS and should anything happen to PC/OS users can still get their fixes from Canonical and maintain their distribution and makes the migration smoother.

Wow! Am I glad that Ubuntu gives such a strong support for PC/OS….

Now, BeOS was an amazing operating system with stunning performance that made it stand out from the crowd. It wasn’t the yellow menu bar on each window that stunned people, it was the way it worked that did that. From my perspective, the following quote is nothing less of a major insult:

PC/OS does not aim to be a ground up reimplimentation of the BeOS but to be as simple to use as the BeOS was. The XFCE desktop is light,modern and powerful. It can be used to power the newest workstations as well as older hardware allowing you to get the maximum potential out of your investment.

It is an insult to BeOS and an insult to the Haiku team that is working amazingly hard to get a proper rebuild of BeOS. If you do anything less don’t even start using the name of Jean-Louis Gassée somewhere in the context of what is not even a mediocre attempt to get close.

But, again, everyone it entitled to do his/her own thing, label it and distribute it. At least the remaster creator understands the GPL:

OK, since source code availability now seems to be an issue I have decided what to do here to make my users happy and what would be feasible for myself. The GPL doesnt say I have to provide a repository, so it will be a soiurce DVD, if you want a copy of media mailed to you it will be $30.00 US, the GPL says I can charge a fee. This will be available at the end of this month.

These kind of words start ringing familiar bells about another failed remaster, the name of which I won’t mention since I don’t have time for another round of discussion about that one.

PC/OS comes in various flavors (desktop, desktop light, server, eeepc), but the naming conventions that are used make it pretty hard to decipher which you need to download. But I managed to download the desktop edition for the very, very short test run. Had it been presented as a customized version of Xubuntu, simply because it can be done and to give something of that BeOS look-and-feel, it would have been a nice experience. It would have been a tale of the freedom Linux provides do really scratch your own itch. But it wasn t presented that way.

The DesktopLinux article, which seems more of an advertisement than a proper review of a Linux distribution, just set me on the wrong track. The author, Eric Brown, should have at least have taken the time to download PC/OS and check whether the BeOS references (which he likes to show off throughout the article) were anywhere proper. It wasn’t. PC/OS has nothing in common with BeOS, Zeta or Haiku except for a custom Xubuntu theme. Not even a PowerPC version of it would bring it a step closer. If DesktopLinux has a few more of these bogus reviews or articles it will without a doubt build up some serious credibility issues.

If you like, you can buy a 500Gb harddisk with PC/OS pre-installed. Or a t-shirt with the PC/OS logo. Or the dvd via Or join the community that supports PC/OS: you could be member 59.

Edit The Linux Journal referred back to the original DesktopLinux article. You can find it here with the title PC/OS resurrects BeOS for a new generation. The opening quote is a tell-tale in itself:

As many loyal readers will know, the brilliant-but-before-its-time BeOS operating system is near and dear to our hearts here at This being the case, we were overjoyed to learn that a new Ubuntu derivative labeled PC/OS is bringing back echoes of those bygone, halcyon days of BeOS glory.

Another news editor copy/pasting his way through life….


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29 thoughts on “Xubuntu + BeOS like theme + Remastersys = PC/OS?

  1. revdjenk on said:

    I was a PCLinuxOS user when a certain ultimate huxster came into the PCLOS forums announcing he had the final windows busting distro based on PCLOS with cedega on ‘his’ livecd. I asked him how he could include cedega since it was commercial, unless he had a contract with them…hmmmm. I don’t know if this is the guy you are talking about, but I can see this kind of echo here. A claim that is cosmetic is not a claim!
    BTW…in the meantime..(about an hour) I found, and read the entire other post! Wow, were you right on and critical when you needed and Christ-like in your patient persistence! I support you and your positions, even though I am both an american and a Christian pastor!
    sheesh both these remasterers need some lessons! Oh and I see your other friend is going to base his next ultimate windows beater on Ubuntu 8.10…and wonder if he knows that multi-millionaires may just have a fleet of lawyers!
    God Bless

  2. Michael on said:

    you seem to keep bashing this distro but you don’t give any arguments why you consider it as “straight-forward Xubuntu with a BeOS-like slapped on it”, you just keep on saying that it has just a BeOS theme and stuff like that… C’mon dude – or dudette – just make a proper review of the distro and don’t feed us things related to the theme! You seem to be filling the ranks of those who just criticize on the net and don’t really do something constructive.

  3. Hi Doug,

    It was quite a discussion and it kept lighting up a couple of times. In the end I just closed down the thread, sadly so, since I appreciate the freedom the internet provides. Most of the discussion is still on the old blog (

    And I was indeed (as circumspect as possible) referring to that episode. Good to see I am not the only one who sees the echoes 😉

    I appreciate your support, especially since you are a pastor in your own church. My reminders on a more Christlike-behavior fell on deaf ears and stirred some derision for my own beliefs. So it is good to see a broader support. Thank you.

    Kindest regards,


  4. @ Michael

    There is really nothing to review. PC/OS is a straightforward Xubuntu with a theme slapped on it, some packages from the Ubuntu repositories and then run through Remastersys to create a distributable copy. There is no new distribution to look into and I write about Ubuntu more than enough (two books in fact).

    I find it quite constructive to take out the weeds, point out the wannabees and the hustlers that just want to make a name for themselves without really appreciating and supporting the developers and communities that do the real work.

    But feel free to read my “hallelujah” article on OpenSUSE. I am sure you will find it very positive and more to your liking:

  5. Michael on said:

    You were sooo ironic when you wrote your ‘hallelujah’ article:) I know it’s better to take out the weeds, but let’s face it, isn’t ubuntu a remastered (not through remastersys) version of Debian? Also, people should learn more on their own who are the hustlers/bad guys and who are the good guys.

  6. @ Michael


    There is of course a big difference between Debian-Ubuntu and Xubuntu-PC/OS: Ubuntu takes the rock solid Debian foundation and creates a distribution that is easy to install, to use and to maintain. Canonical puts it’s money where it’s mouth is, for instance via Shipit and by hiring Debian developers. As you noticed, a far cry from using Remastersys (great tool by the way, though I will use UCK to create an Ubuntu remaster of my own).

    I guess quite a few consumer organizations and quality control organizations would disagree with your final statement. Part of the fun of Linux is trying out the various distributions, but novice users might appreciate some more help. Same thing when you need to new power tool. You might know a thing or two, but still might check the quality signature, read a couple of comparitive articles and check user experience online before settling on buying one.

    For that reason, I put most of the blame on DesktopLinux (and the guy from LinuxFormat who copy/pasted the DL article without looking twice). DesktopLinux and LinuxFormat are among the first portals people find when looking for comparative articles on Linux. And what do they find? Well, the PC/OS article for one, that was glorifying a ‘new’ desktop distribution, invoking an illustrous name from the past without so much as a critical side note or quality assesment. Irresponsible behavior if you ask me.

    Take care


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  8. Thanks for the feedback and your opinion on PC/OS. Let me clear up some confusion, obviously the author is confused since he obviously is illiterate and cant read as well as offering uninformed opinion of what PC/OS is or what the goals are. I never claimed PC/OS to be a Be clone. What do I have in common with the BeOS. Ease of use, I package everything together for the user. Flash, multimedia codecs and Java are all installed for them and that believe it or not is a major pain point for new Linux users. Why did I use the BeOS theme? Because of the simplicity of it, and 1 of my few, yet growing lists of users, requested it. You are absolutely right, there is nothing BeOS about PC/OS and I am proud of that fact. If you had been part of the discussion instead of writing some rant piece like a rabid fan boy you would see that and possibly read that, oh wait my bad sorry, you cant read. What else do I have in common with BeOS? Multimedia focus. Content creation and delivery, Open Server System excels as a streaming platform. Is it geared for a major infiltration into the enterprise? No its not.

    Will PC/OS fail? Unfortunately for you, no it wont. I have no delusions about being a great big OS vendor, I dont intend to be, I plan to share what I find useful, if you dont want to use it, you dont have to. I plan to keep distributing PC/OS, whether I have 1 user, 100 users or no users. This is the spirit of open source, to share, share ideas and share what you find useful and since you have written off PC/OS instead of actually READING, it just shows your lack of knowledge or comprehension of how Open Source works.

    Why do I offer t-shirts, mugs, etc. The service is free so why not and I have sold a few pieces of fan apparel. Why do I sell DVD ISO’s? Convenience, you dont want to download it, fine, order a DVD. Dont want to go through an install process? Order a hard drive, slap it in your machine and go through some simple scripts and it runs.

    Why am I working on a PowerPC version? Not for my health, people have requested it and donated the machine, so why not? I have had a couple of requests for 64bit. Jeez, for a project that NO ONE USES and that is failing, I have a lot of requests.

    So who are my competition? Is it Apple, is it Microsoft, is it BeOS? No, none of the above. If you must label a competitor, and judging by your writing, you must be seeing this as a competition well, For you, and you only, say 64studio, and Ubuntu Studio.

    I am very happy with my 59 strong niche and my project. You arent, fine then, dont use it. Its a simple concept. Others may find it useful, you dont.

    If you came looking at PC/OS, searching for the BeOS, you came barking up the wrong tree and maybe you learned you should look at the project, maybe contact the maintainer and check with him.

    I’m going back to work on my PowerPC edition of PC/OS. If you have any other questions, or just want to throw an insult my way, send me an e-mail, I read them all.

    BTW, give me some credit. I have a separate build machine for every build of PC/OS, I dont use my own workstation.

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  10. My my Roberto,

    obviously the author is confused since he obviously is illiterate

    You are using this argument way too fast in the discussion. Usually it takes two or three interaction before I get a remarkt like this.

    As you can see, your response isn’t moderated out for it, though you suggest as much on your own weblog. As you also noticed, I did take the time to read your weblog and website since the article has various quotes. Like in your response, you like to use BeOS references again and again to indicate that -although- PC/OS isn’t a rebuild of BeOS it will be providing what BeOS provided.

    Well, it doesn’t and I know BeOS too well to say that in a heartbeat. Heck, you couldn’t even change the Remastersys-generated GRUB to provide something with it’s own look and feel.

    it just shows your lack of knowledge or comprehension of how Open Source works

    LOL. The classic mistake argument: “You don’t agree with me, criticize me, so you don’t understand it”. Now , let’s see, how does open source work? Isn’t there something called review, peer review, there? Well, then I am definitely qualified to discuss your remaster of Xubuntu since I have created a few remasters of my own. The difference? I didn’t ‘sell’ them as something new, innovative that would finally make Linux easy (implying that all others don’t).

    To be honest, I didn’t know you were scorched by the OSNews crowd, but I can image some weren’t too keen on the BeOS reference. They can be tough to deal with, but they are also brutally honest. Again, part of open source, but that you know already.

    I came looking for PC/OS since DesktopLinux wrote about it, used the BeOS references extensively and quoting you on it. As part of my writing I test out Linux distributions constantly and the BeOS heritage is dear to me, so if I was led astray, I don’t think the blame is on me.

    I don’t blame you for making your own little custom version of Ubuntu and sharing it. Why should I, you are entitled to do that. I don’t agree with the claims on your own website, the claims in your blog and I blame DesktopLinux for writing the article the way they did since it seems to be based on hearsay instead of actually popping the disk in the drive.

    But please continue doing what you do. After all, it is a ‘scratch your own itch’ world.

    Kindest regards,

    Jan Stedehouder

  11. Roberto J. Dohnert on said:

    ” Like in your response, you like to use BeOS references again and again to indicate that -although- PC/OS isn’t a rebuild of BeOS it will be providing what BeOS provided.”

    And it does, a focus on ease of use and a focus on multimedia. If you had read the weblog you would have read that and you would have also read that I do NOT and will NOT provide an emulation layer with which to run BeOS binaries. This is a LINUX platform.

    ” Well, it doesn’t and I know BeOS too well to say that in a heartbeat. Heck, you couldn’t even change the Remastersys-generated GRUB to provide something with it’s own look and feel.”

    To change it its a link to a graphic. I dont change it because I actually do think the remastersys generated one looks cool, sue me. Are we going to sit here and argue over a grub background?

    ” To be honest, I didn’t know you were scorched by the OSNews crowd, but I can image some weren’t too keen on the BeOS reference. They can be tough to deal with, but they are also brutally honest. Again, part of open source, but that you know already.”

    I wasnt scorched by the OSNews crowd, they like you, got the impression that PC/OS was a Be clone. In fact one of the “scorchers” after cooler heads prevailed agreed and he learned what PC/OS was and what it intends to do agreed to help me with the cosmetic issues of PC/OS. What I find cool doesnt mean others do and I appreciate any help.

    ” I came looking for PC/OS since DesktopLinux wrote about it, used the BeOS references extensively and quoting you on it. As part of my writing I test out Linux distributions constantly and the BeOS heritage is dear to me, so if I was led astray, I don’t think the blame is on me.”

    Yeah you did, one quote from me about how I plan to provide the ease of use and focus of the BeOS. Which I have done. Focus and implementation are vastly different. If I had tried to mimic many BeOS concepts it would have been an issue like Zeta.

    ” I don’t blame you for making your own little custom version of Ubuntu and sharing it. Why should I, you are entitled to do that. I don’t agree with the claims on your own website, the claims in your blog and I blame DesktopLinux for writing the article the way they did since it seems to be based on hearsay instead of actually popping the disk in the drive.”

    And its like this, I never claimed to be BeOS, never wanted to be the BeOS. Do I share a similar focus? yes I do and I maintain that I do.

    Your complaint is that I claim to be something Im not, which I have never done. And that I am not technical enough or skilled enough to change a Grub background image. Awww man, I thought this was going to be interesting.

  12. Humor me Robert,

    Can you tell me one thing that you actually contributed to this remaster other than installing Xubuntu, adding the theme, dragging the panels to the proper place, activating the proper repositories, using Synaptic (or -gasp- apt-get) to install the software and then run Remastersys? Did you create the theme?

    See, you claim to provide an ease of use that other distributions, like Xubuntu, don’t have. I am actually curious if you did anything other than what I mentioned in order to reach that goal.

    But, as your last sentence shows, perhaps the technical skills to do that are beyond your reach. That’s okay, though changing the background image to GRUB is kid’s stuff, a problem that is easily solved by simply digging one layer deeper into Remastersys and GRUB. So I guess GRUB was a good example after all.

    One remark about the multimedia thing. BeOS was an OS geared to multimedia performance from it’s core, throughout it’s architecture. Yes, the software was needed to actually do multimedia work. You can’t just slap a BeOS theme on a Linux distro, add some multimedia programs and say you are BeOS-like or whatever catch phrase you want to use. You are the one that is using the reference again and again on your own webpages, only to state that you didn’t mean it that way.

    PC/OS isn’t a new distribution. At best, it is proof of concept of a “howto make Xubuntu look like BeOS”. One article would have been sufficient, with links to the theme creator. Then it would have been nice, like Mac4Lin of Vixta.

    Kindest regards,


  13. ” Humor me Robert,”

    What makes you think you deserve any more of my time?

    You want any more of my time or to discuss technical issues, hire me. I am not cheap.

    I have contributed a lot to this project. You dont care what I have contributed, you wont ever be a PC/OS user and your opinions about PC/OS dont matter to me at all.

    The most important contribution PC/OS has made to Linux is very simple. Pop in an Ubuntu CD, try accessing Youtube and a Java app, guess what you cant do it with a vanilla Ubuntu live CD, now put in a copy of PC/OS and do the same thing, it just works. To you it may not matter, but to somebodys mother, it does, to somebodies wife, it does. Its simple, it is “Simplified Computing” and thats the audience and niche Im filling. If you think PC/OS is just a rebranded Ubuntu, go along and be happy with that and just let your ignorance shine through. I maintain that the focus of PC/OS and BeOS have two things in common, ease of use and multimedia performance. Your arguments of “How to make Xubuntu look like BeOS” and your laughable gripe about a GRUB background fall short of interesting. PC/OS is a new distribution, it will be continued to be maintained, developed and as future versions come out, will continue differentiate itself from the rest.

    So tell you what honey, go back to the seminary and learn to be more christ like because you havent gotten there yet and Im going to go back working on my PowerPC edition, going back to the people that actually give a crap about PC/OS and I will thank you. Downloads have increased because of your little tiff, sales have picked up on the DVD and CD versions of PC/OS and today I have sold 2 hard drives with PC/OS. So I guess any publicity is good publicity.

    BTW, I will post a copy of this in the development blog. If you have any more questions or comments, e-mail me because Im done with this conversation publicly. Its time for one of us to be the better man, and I can walk away from this showing I have more class than you. I do look forward to the future and success of PC/OS and I wish you all the best.

  14. ROFLOL

    So you did humor me after all. Simply put: the answer is “nothing”.

    Feel free to put a copy of all my responses on your dev blog. It makes for a more complete picture. It’s good to see that this article is the top post of your development blog.

    And since you seem to have a hard time figuring out my gender ( in Dutch the first name “Jan” is applied to the male gender. But simply reading the Who is… page would have told you that. Or doing a simple Google search. See, derision is a method of debate best used with skill and based on solid facts.

    Well, it was fun.

    Take care


  15. revdjenk on said:

    wow! ultimix remix!!!

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  17. prshah on said:

    Wow, reading this, I’m beginning to believe that the target OS could have been released as a single shell script, instead of an entire OS!

  18. sydbat on said:

    Very interesting. I stumbled upon this while looking for information on remastersys. Imagine my surprise when I followed all the links and read all the…um…”stuff” and came to the same conclusion as janstedehouder…this is simply a personal version of Ubuntu. And while there is nothing wrong with that, claiming to be something other verges on breaking the GPL…regardless of version.

    Then I started to read the responses from the so-called “developer” of PC/OS and concluded, all on my own, that I would never have anything to do with PC/OS or anything else put out/promoted by this person. Why? Because of the absolute juvenile attitude. I have to ask if this person is still a teen because of the manner in which they responded. Sorry…that would be an insult to teens who have attained a level of maturity so they would not call someone else names…or use insulting language to try and make themselves feel superior.

    Kudos Jan, for not taking the bait and lowering yourself to this persons level.

    I will make sure I tell as many people as I can to avoid PC/OS for the reasons stated above.

  19. Nathaniel Creed on said:

    After reading your “review” I went ahead and downloaded PC/OS so I could join in the fun. Unfortunately I cant, I like this distro. Its rather quite good and lives up to what the developer wants it to do. So I guess I will write this off as a pissed off Be zealot who seems rather ticked over a Window manager theme rather than any real technical issues. I found enough new in PC/OS for it to stand on its own. Great job by the PC/OS team, and he actually thanks you for your negative review in his newest blog posts which shows how much character he has.

  20. Alexander on said:

    I like PCOS, very easy to install for end users and nothing more to setup after install for someone who just want to watch his movies, surf the internet or play 3d games like me.
    Seeing more and more useless bashing articles like this makes me want to keep it as my main OS.
    I hope there are not so much narrow minded people in the open source community, this way of thinking just keeps new users from trying linux because of hysterical bashers who don’t like when some people just want to make linux simplier to use.

  21. Although I agree with Jan that there are echoes here that remind me of dear Justin, there are enough differences to allow a slightly more lenient stance on this one.

    None of the religion-based supremacist attitude, not the same blatant commercial ripoff approach, not the “we” stuff where “I” is meant, not the megalomaniac take.

    On the other hand, this definitely IS a remaster, be it a competent one and I dislike remasters calling themselves a distro. Also, the response on your blog does not attest to a very mature state of mind.

    I suppose mistakes were made, not all of them by the person himself but also by others comparing this remaster to BEOS while it obviously isn’t anywhere near it, but this remaster is not beyond saving. I’ll see where it is going and although I am firmly entrenched in PCLinuxOS, with a bit more interest than usual. I wonder whether this could, with some tender loving care, some day become a distro and I am partial to small setups.

    I think all I can do at this stage is watch and see, cut the guy some slack. Who knows what might happen? I would advise Roberto to attempt at least to calmly explain what he is all about and be responsive and accepting of negative feedback in order to learn.


  22. @ Alexander
    Hey, if you are happy with it, please continue using your own favorite distribution. In fact, that is what Linux is all about, freedom of choice.

    The gist of the article also dealt with another key aspect of Linux: respect for the work that you are building on. As the article shows, PC/OS is sorely lacking in that area, spreading around claims that can not be substantiated. Keeping a clean house isn’t ‘useless’ or ‘narrow minded’, but feel free to stick to that opinion.

    Other than that, why not give Xubuntu a try, as that team did the real work to provide you with an easy to use Linux distribution.

  23. Linus Torvalds on said:

    xubuntu sux!!
    long life to pc/os

  24. Jan Stedehouder on said:

    Wow…. if only I had known this before I wrote the article. The depth of insight is simply….And the brilliance of using the name of Linus Torvalds…. Really, I should reconsider this article just because of it.

    Well, let’s just say: with friends like this, you don’t need critics 😀

  25. I was curious as to why this article would still stir up emotions among PC/OS fandom. It isn’t on the first page of Google search and that usually means oblivion. So, up I went to the PC/OS blog, only to see the fires still burning. A couple of weeks ago, a Be-developer expressed his support, anonymously (just like the endorsement from Sun Microsystems), for PC/OS, stating he would send me some information. I posted a response that this information never reached me.

    In another post, Roberto claimed to have send me a challenge to try out Xubuntu and compare that to PC/OS. Again, I was curious since I never received such a challenge. In another response I wrote as much.

    But… neither response is there. I didn’t use foul language, there was no personal attack, so nothing to warrent being moderated out. Unless…

    Roberto thought it fit to accuse me early in the discussion of not allowing his responses to be posted here. As you can see, they all are here (he copied them all to his own weblog as well). It’s sad actually to see someone still seething. I did move on since July 20th. To spend time on more mature subjects and more mature people.

  26. I feel you did just fine in your review. I too am a “distro” writer. Creator of Ultimate Edition”, which too is based on Ubuntu, some with both xubuntu as well. I do not use remastersys. I do all by hand, however there are vast differences between our distro and that of Ubuntu, even PC/OS. I am not trying to turn this into a flame war. It does seem a match has been lit if I landed here 😉

    Feel free to critique our O/S. I will take any negative comments as a grain of salt and after all only helps me to make a better O/S.

    Thanks Jan for you excellent review,



  27. @TheeMahn

    It was indeed kind of heated at the time. I am actually curious how you landed on this page, but I appreciate the kind words.

    I have no issue with remasters and you certainly are doing a lot to show how it should be done by (1) providing a really atractive Ultimate Edition, (2) helping out to improve the code of Reconstructor (at least, last time I checked), (3) by giving credit to whom credit is due and (4) not claiming to your distribution is finally solving the issues all other distro’s have.

    Every once in a while I try out the Ultimate Edition and it’s fun to see how much you did pack on one DVD. Just keep it up.



  28. Chris Harris on said:

    I will say I have tried both Ubuntu Ultimate Edition and PC/OS, I like PC/OS more it seems more thought out and like Ultimate edition it packs in a lot. I have to say Jan I have to agree with others, everything you credit Ultimate Edition for doing, PC/OS does. It seems more like a case as you feel offended by this guy. Either way, PC/OS is my distro of choice, I love using it and have loved using it from the beginning. have yourself a merry christmas. Will you order copies of PC/OS OpenWorkstation 10 for stocking stuffers?

  29. @ Chris
    If PC/OS works for you, just be glad you find the distro that does that. My review dealt with the release at that time and my opinion stands as it is. Heck, I didn’t even know the guy. At least not until the crap that followed after the review, which didn´t do much to give a positive impression. But since then life moved on, and no doubt PC/OS did as well. Or perhaps it is still a remaster claiming to be something completely new and better and never done before thing. Ubuntu Ultimate is what it is, and is honest in it’s claims. For me that honesty is important.
    So, to answer your question, no, I won’t buy a new set of coasters.

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