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Adding a new folder in Dolphin? Not possible

There has been quite a lot of criticism surrounding Dolphin, the new file manager for KDE4. When you are used to working with the swiss army knife Konquerer, I can imagine the change is difficult. I like Konquerer, but KDE never was my default desktop for a long time, which made it just one of the tools I used. Mandriva 2009 Alpha 2 comes with KDE 4.1, thus an opportunity to check out Dolphin.

It isn’t often that the first thing I want to do with a program influences my viewpoint, but today it did. What do you want a file manager to do? Right, manage files and folders. All other stuff is simply bells and whistles. What I wanted to do, was to create some folders in my /home/user folder. Normally, that function is under the right mousebutton. Well, it isn’t right now. It also isn’t available via the menu bar, unless you specifically add the button “create folder”.

Let’s just hope this was a minor glitch that will be rectified soon. In the mean time I thought I’d go look for Konquerer in the repositories. It isn’t there. Just like I can’t seem to find a
terminal in the KDE menu, classic nor kickoff.

That’s four points for the next release:

  1. Easy access to the configuration menu via KDE classic menu;
  2. Add “create folder” to Dolphin;
  3. Add Konquerer to the repositories, and
  4. Add a terminal to the menu.

Now, let’s find out where I can leave these suggestions.


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One thought on “Adding a new folder in Dolphin? Not possible

  1. Danni Coy on said:

    Having the same issue with Kubuntu and 4.1 final no right click item to create new folder…. Probably a malformed or missing desktop file in the 4.1 release.

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