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OpenSUSE 11.0 beats Vista, Leopard and Ubuntu hands down

The battle of operating systems is over. The dust clouds of the Linux distributions wars can finally settle down. The victor is known to all and we simply have to bow our heads in gratitude. After working intensely with OpenSUSE 11.0 for at least a full day there is not a shadow of doubt that this is the release everyone has been waiting for.

Granted, the 200 improvements in OpenSUSE fall short of Mac OS X Leopard’s 300, but who is counting. It’s the result that counts. The shiny and polished interface with applications a couple of clicks (and then some more) away simply obliterates the murky Mac OS X screen.

Yes, Ubuntu, you had your moments. You had your time in the limelight, but you are so gone. Just look at the software repositories. Come on, do you really think you can master the Linux universe with main, restricted, universe and multiverse? Take your cue from OpenSUSE. Once you have added the multimedia related repositories you already have 7 or 8 in the list. And by clicking “Add” there are at least ten more to add. The brilliance of structure and organization this proves. Of course, the package manager is par to none in order to keep software management working flawlessly without so much as a hick up.

Beating Vista hands down is like stealing the milk bottle from an infant, but since all other Linux distibutions fall short of doing that, it is a marvel how OpenSUSE achieved it. It truly is.

Yes, this mother of all Linux distributions will be responsible for the utter demise of Microsoft, Apple and will create an immensity of spare time for all maintainers of other distributions. By all means an achievement worthy of it’s own wikipedia entry.

Disclaimer: this article was written at the speed of typing. I didn’t actually think about it. Of course, I can not be held responsible for the truthfulness of the statements.This isn’t a review, I simply wondered how much superlatives it needs to satisfy the ones who become angry at an article that more realistically describes their favorite Linux distribution. But, truly, OpenSUSE is worth a look.


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12 thoughts on “OpenSUSE 11.0 beats Vista, Leopard and Ubuntu hands down

  1. Gnomisch 🙂

  2. xploited on said:

    whatever this article attempted to do,
    it failed ultimately
    unlike opensuse of course 🙂

  3. Clive on said:

    It looks good but my two computers failed the hardware test. The desktop couldn’t find the keyboard (wireless USB). I have never had that problem before. My laptop loads but the sound coming from the speaker just is small burps. Somehow the hardware detection (it did find my wireless) is somehow lacking. I’d love to try it but…


  4. Jerry on said:

    Why is opensuse better than all? i don’t get it?

    Can it run adobe products? NO!

    Can it play the top quality games? NO!

    I really love linux but as i use it i get more and more disappointed with software that I can’t run. Yes there is wine but not to stable at all.

    My laptop i run linux and my desktop is windows XP. Sorry guys linux still needs work!

  5. alfasii on said:

    LOL …

    The first gay ever to claim OPENSUSE beats ubuntu in package management. wake up and smell the coffee dude.
    YAST is the worst package manager ever,see the pathetic APT4RPM/zipper/smart projects for examples show how bad the all mechanism is.
    about all the rest, if opensuse is so perfect, how come there isn’t any single clone for it???, and I have never heard of any distro based on opensue.
    I have been trying suse since ver 8.1, It’s always near by… but never gets there. try install citrix for example, or just keep manage your packages, you will fall shortly.
    the next thing we will hear is wait for 11.2 and then the ultimate promise
    after poor results regards previous version,specially in slowwww package management and “trail version like” stability. suse’s funs should wait at least 6 mounts before saying anything or compeer this distro to any other. no wonder no one ships with opensuse pre installed, you cant relay on something(like FEDORA 9.0) which is basically an unstable testing version for a commercial release(SLED). open suse is for kids who wants KDE4.x with unstable compiz and other popular software,not a replacement for a real stable desktop.
    opensuse might be something nice for your testing partition, unless it was so heavy so boring and so full of itself.
    grow up will you.

  6. whooliebacon on said:

    PClinuxOS Minime is the best Linux distro.

    OpenSuse is good but unfortunately
    OpenSuse never met an nvidia card it liked.

  7. Dave W on said:

    You obviously haven’t tried Mandriva 2008 Spring.

  8. @ all who took this article serious

    Guys, did you read the disclaimer?

    ROFLOL at your comments

  9. I have always thought that Linux users were the clever species in Digispace. But reading al these comment’s I can only conclude that there is a dark force within Open Source territory: It’s all about fork, about their opinion, nobody, but nobody is fu***ng reading what you are writing about. Point well taken Jan! I mean…everybody knows that …… is the best distro. And you know why? Because I say so!


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  11. pengpengpeng on said:

    I think this article tried to be ironic.
    I think.
    Hahaha, what a funny and clever guy you are.

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