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Sourceforge 2008 Community Awards: Nominate PortableApps

I like to work with free and open source software, both at home and at the workplace. And I’d like to have my personal e-mail accounts and fattened browsers close at hand to roam the digital realm from whatever computer there is at hand. John Haller’s Portable Applications have been the package of choice for quite some time now. The Portable Apps Suite is a great way to start off new people on free and open source software. Just give them a USB stick (hardly cost anything nowadays) with the suite and they have a painless way of trying out the new toys.

One of the great things about Portable Apps is that there is a continuous streams of all software, new applications are only allowed after testing and only if they are under an open source license. The new portable Firefox 3 is ready for download on the same day as the regular one.

So, I added my vote to nominate PortableApps as the best project for the Sourceforge 2008 Community Awards. It’s one of the projects that definitely helps reducing the barriers to adoption of free and open source software.

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