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Linux Hater's Blog: a nice diversion, though with a punch

Can you write something completely negative about something you really hate? Sure! But could you do it every day? Or even multiple times a day?

That’s exactly what the Linux Hater’s Blog has been doing since May. In June alone the author created 27 rants already. The language is a bit too explicit for my taste, but as far as rants go, it’s worth to spend a few moments on.

The Linux Hater’s Blog deals out punches all over the board and one can not ignore the kernel of truth in them. If anything the blog should be compulsory reading material for anyone desiring to evangelize the positives of Linux. We should endeavor to provide realistic expectations about the pros and cons of Linux.

For starters, just compare the two articles “How to write an application” for KDE and GNOME. Oversimplication? Definitely! Completely without merit? You be the judge of that.


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One thought on “Linux Hater's Blog: a nice diversion, though with a punch

  1. Ouch. But very interesting 🙂

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