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Firefox & Flock Fun – Fattening the browser

The Digital Wanderlust article about adding extensions to improve the blogging experience caught my eye today.. Nothing special, since there are tons of article with “my ten favorite extensions”. But this one actually had some new and interesting goodies.

I alternate between Flock and Firefox on my portable USB drive. Admittedly, Flock isn’t a light browser by nature, already being packed with quite a few options to blog and accessing various social networking fads. During the day I keep track of various newsfeeds to find items to write about for Livre. There is a lot that could be interesting as well, but it simply takes too much time to go to the backend of my WordPress-based weblog.

Enter ScribeFire. I have been playing with it for some time, and though Flock has it’s ‘own blog editor’ I like ScribeFire somewhat better. Spurred by the article I tried it in Flock and it works marvelously. So, the first suggestion was nothing new, but useful nonetheless.

Clipmarks was a new one for me and it looks neat. You create a quote from a webpage by using the Clipmarks toolbar, finish the quote, add some additional remarks and post it on your blog. The downside is that you can not choose the category. Plus, you have to register your weblog account on a third-party service again.

The TwitterBar is plain funny. You can post on Twitter via the address bar. I haven’t tried the DashBlog extension yet, but you can scan a webpage for multimedia content and add that to your own weblog.

Using these additions my webbrowser is as close to perfect as can be. If I could only find an RSS extension that can take care of hundreds of feeds without slowing to a crawl and provide a similar interface as Akkregator or FeedReader, it would be complete.


I found my RSS extension: NewsFox. 😉


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4 thoughts on “Firefox & Flock Fun – Fattening the browser

  1. Hmm, a Firefox extension as RSS reader… That’s interesting, I’m with Google Reader since it’s in my browser, but an extension is too, so let’s look around 🙂

    I don’t like Flock because it is bound to specific web services, and I’d rather install specific extensions for the services I use if I need extra functionality.

  2. Liferea?

  3. @ Vincent
    NewsFox is part of your browser, while Google Reader is part of Google 😉 There is a weird difference. NewsFox found 564 new messages this morning, while the same collection of feeds only resulted in 85 with Google Reader

    @ Jos
    I tried Liferea as a on offline feedreader, but I needed one that I could use at work (Windows XP) from my portable USB drive. I used FeedReader3 for a couple of weeks and it’s a marvelous program, but it still required me to have another program at home. So, there I was, checking the list of feeds at home and keeping an eye on those feeds at work. :P.

  4. @Jan – I know, but they’re both *in* my browser, i.e. I can middle-mouse-click to get to the item without needing to switch windows. Though I’d like to escape from Google, it’s currently the best web-based feed reader for my needs, and as far as I have seen, there’s no Firefox extension that comes even close to that…

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