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Journalist, columnist or activist?

Apparently it isn’t always that easy to tell the difference between a journalist, a columnist or an activist. At least, it is the conclusion I need to draw after receiving an email from a city alderman (Dutch: wethouder) from a midsize town in the Netherland. He refuses to answer questions about some IT-decisions. He considers my requests for clarification as being part of an activist strategy and not as simple straightforward journalistic practice. To quote him: “I do not appreciate this and therefore I will no longer answer any of your e-mails”. Hmmm… This situation gives rise to some questions. When does critical journalism become activism? Can you see a sharp distinction between the roles of journalist, columnist and activist when it come to open source and open standards.
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PCLinuxOS Day 12 – Attempting to triple boot my laptop

Last friday my car broke down. This in itself has nothing to do with the series about PCLinuxOS, but it did leave me with a couple of unplanned spare hours. A perfect opportunity to change the operating systems on my laptop. I wanted to upgrade Ubuntu to 7.10, to install Sabayon Linux and to install PCLinuxOS. Yes, this was going to be a triple boot laptop. Read more…

Open source companies need to work on interoperability

Dominic Sartorio of the Open Solutions Alliance is pointing out one of the weak points in open source solutions: the degree of interoperability and cooperation between applications. According to Dominic Microsoft has a great advantage in this field with a ton of developers working to make sure all Microsoft’s offerings can cooperate and communicate with each other. His article “Avoiding the great open-source blunder ” describes how the Open Solutions Alliance is developing new ways to take the requirements of the customer as a starting point for integrating applications.


Where is the PCLINUXOS series?

Things have been so busy in the last couple of weeks that I didn’t have the time to sit down and continue writing about PCLinuxOS.

I started writing for a Dutch open source newssite, Livre. It’s fun to check out what is happening in the world of open source, open standards, open content, Linux and all that is free. I am getting into a routine that will soon leave me some time to focus on other writing tasks as well.

Besides this I have some offline writing assignments. I like doing all of those and it is a matter of balancing the time and energy that is available. For PCLinuxOS that means I have to pace the series even more than I expected. But I will finish the series 😉

Thanks for being patient.

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