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Gentoo Founder offers to come back and give Gentoo a push in the right direction.

They days that Gentoo was considered one of the best -though not the easiest- distributions around were not that long ago. That status has been lost, apparently due to conflicts and problems within the Gentoo community. Sabayon Linux was spawned from Gentoo and showed what it takes to create a bleeding edge, fast and gorgeous distribution should be like. The problems surrounding Gentoo have reached a new phase. Daniel Robbins, creator of Gentoo Linux though estranged from his “child” for some time now, reports today that the charter for the Gentoo Foundation has been revoked for some weeks now and that he is still listed as the Foundation’s president.

Following this he makes a clear offer to return to the Gentoo Foundation and create a new framework to make sure that the development of Gentoo can move in the right direction again.

Here is a basic overview of the changes I will be making in how the Foundation operates, basically by refocusing on its core mission:
1) The Foundation will be responsible for the overall health of the Gentoo community and for pursuing the Foundation’s mission of advancement and education and promotion of software development in an open environment.
2) The Foundation will be responsible for providing general guidance and direction for the project and for ensuring that the Gentoo project is moving in a positive direction and has proper leadership.
3) The Foundation will be responsible for ensuring that Gentoo developers, individual Gentoo users, external Gentoo-related projects and Gentoo-using organizations have a voice and the opportunity to influence the overall technical direction of the Gentoo project in a clear, open and organized way.
4) Legal paperwork will be filed properly and on-time and the Foundation will maintain a proper level of transparency with the community.
5) The Foundation will help the Gentoo community to be a positive and pleasant environment for all participants.

He wants the current Trustees to assist him in a quick transition and basically allow themselves to be replaced afterward. There is also a deadline for the offer: January 18th. More about this next week then.



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