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A real life "granny" test – The Ubuntu Experiment

Maybe it is one of the most used arguments to convince people from “the other distribution” to wake up, shape up, get a life and move your behind over to “this distribution”: the “my granny uses it daily without a problem” argument. It is used so often that you wonder why Microsoft still has a 95% or more market share on the desktop.

The good thing is that right now there is a real life experiment going on where a young man is getting his mother to move away from Windows and over to Ubuntu. Why his mother and not his granny?

Why my mother?

My mother has recently been complaining about her Windows XP computer becoming too slow. To my great surprise and delight, when I jokingly suggested installing Ubuntu on her computer next to Windows, she agreed. She is the perfect test candidate as she is quite the average adult computer user, not a gamer and, well, my mother! This means I’m there to help her (I’m still in high school, so I live with my mother) whenever she encounters problems. Furthermore, I’m there to write down her experiences and problems so we can finally really see whether Ubuntu has become as good as or better than Windows.

Yes, Vincent is really involved in Xubuntu and definitely has a bias for open source software, but I know him as an honest and balanced writer with a clear eye for what is good and what is not. You can expect an honest account of his mother’s journey into Ubuntu.

Great initiative!


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