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PCLinuxOS Day 11 – Documentation and Information

I am not someone who believes that a Linux distributions sells itself, that technological achievement is enough to push it to the desktop of end users. As long as the educational systems keep on teaching Windows-based skills, there will be a lot of users who need some hand holding, some guidance, some instruction. What does PCLinuxOS have to offer in this regard? A first glance. Read more…

PCLinuxOS Day 10 – MiniMe 2008 edition: First impressions

PCLinuxOS is at the heart of it’s own ecosystem of remasters. During the month I want to check them out. The first one is the MiniMe 2008 edition.

What is the MiniMe 2008 edition about

The default PCLinuxOS 2007 is a complete distribution with a collection of software to get started. The decision on which collection has been made by the PCLinuxOS team. In a world where “choice” is the main operative word it isn’t a bad idea to create the smallest and barest possible distribution possible. So you move on to DSL or Puppy Linux. Read more…

PCLinuxOS Day 9 – Wrapping up the control center

I am enjoying these days with the control center, but it’s time to wrap it up and move on. There are plenty of other things that need attention.

Network & Internet

Connectivity can be considered a key element, especially when you moving around with a laptop. The page Network & Internet is packed with tasks, some of which are pretty complicated.

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PCLinuxOS Day 8 – Between a desktop and a server

Another day at the control center. I am impressed with the scope of tasks that can be executed via one tool. Earlier I mentioned Webmin and the control center shares quite a few characteristics with that tool (though the functions are different, of course). Let’s continue digging deeper. Read more…

Gentoo Founder offers to come back and give Gentoo a push in the right direction.

They days that Gentoo was considered one of the best -though not the easiest- distributions around were not that long ago. That status has been lost, apparently due to conflicts and problems within the Gentoo community. Sabayon Linux was spawned from Gentoo and showed what it takes to create a bleeding edge, fast and gorgeous distribution should be like. The problems surrounding Gentoo have reached a new phase. Daniel Robbins, creator of Gentoo Linux though estranged from his “child” for some time now, reports today that the charter for the Gentoo Foundation has been revoked for some weeks now and that he is still listed as the Foundation’s president. Read more…

PCLinuxOS Day 7 – Control Center, part 2

Sharing (continued)

Two tasks remained under the heading Sharing: settting up file/printserver and setting up a share. The first task ran into a snag quickly with an error message that the name ‘localhost’ wasn’t correct for a DNS server. Setting up a Samba share wasn’t error free as well. I was instructed to set up a Samba server with the Samba wizard first. Right, that was tasks number 1. The wizard to create a share could be finished nonetheless. Read more…

Datamation: 9 Characteristics of Free Software Users

It must be coincidence, but after finishing the post about Richard Stallman’s essay on why open source misses the point of free software I ran into this article by Bruce Byfield: 9 Characteristics of Free Software Users. What are those characteristics?
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Richard Stallman on open software versus free software

In the list of news feeds a familiar article popped up: Richard Stallman’s essay Why “Free Software” is better than “Open Source”. That’s one thing that sometimes puzzles me: how old news can be made popular again in the digital realm. As if there isn’t enough original content to pick from. However, one commenter gave a link to an update version of the article with the title Why “Open Source” misses the point of Free Software. I decided catch up on the subject again.
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PCLinuxOS Day 6 – Starting with the control center, ending with Webmin

Before I begin I would like to inform the loyal readers that it is necessary for me to pace this series of articles a bit. It is getting quite busy and in order to keep a certain standard of quality in my articles I prefer to slow down a bit.

The next few days/articles I will spend time in the PCLinuxOS control center. It is a central hub for all kinds of system-related tasks, which at least means you need to have administrator rights.
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DesktopBSD 1.6 released

After playing and working with DesktopBSD and PC-BSD I have developed a soft spot for both desktop-oriented *BSD’s. Hence, it is good news to see that Desktop 1.6 final has been released. Take a look at the release notes and you will agree that this is an up to date and stable release with a lot to offer to people who are interested in trying *BSD.

You can download three different sets: a dvd iso for i386, a dvd iso for AMD64 and 2 cd iso’s for i386. Try it! It’s one of the best things you can do this early in 2008.


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