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Thirty days with PCLinuxOS – The case of Ultumix or How not to remaster PCLinuxOS

One of the core principles of open source development is “freedom”. As such, there are few limitations for developers and end users to take the work of others and move it into a direction they deem better. This has led to a proliferation of Linux distributions, remasters and scores of applications that sometimes are hard to distinguish from other distributions, remasters or applications. It’s not an ideal situation but somehow quality material always seems to stick around, while the rest sinks back into oblivion.

Another core principle is perhaps “respect”. Freedom is never an absolute. You can fork a distribution or an application, but you don’t have the freedom to remove or change the underlying licenses. You respect that. Why this introduction?

The case of Ultumix
In preparation for the series about PCLinuxOS I ran into Ultumix, a remaster of PCLinuxOS. I have nothing against remasters. In fact, I created a customized version of Ubuntu for the book about Linux. Hence, I know it is not easy to do, though far easier than to create a new distribution of your own. I wouldn’t dream of rebranding it with another name. It’s Ubuntu and it stays Ubuntu. However, bread crumbs of Ultumix do give an insight into why it’s website says the following:

WARNING! PCLinuxOS Forums and IRC Chat
The PCLinuxOS community has informed me that they do not want users of Ultumix getting support from their forum or IRC chat. If you want assistance please use the links at the top of this page. Thanks.

What caused this stern stand by the PCLinuxOS community? Well, the first iteration of the Ultumix remaster had Cedega in it. Cedega is a commercial implementation of Wine that enables Linux users to play a selection of Windows-based games. It’s subscription-based and it is definitely not allowed to distribute it with your distribution unless you have persmission to do so (and -most likely- paid Transgaming for it). For this reason Ultumix was banned from Linux Tracker in November 2007.

Learning from your mistakes?
Now, everyone is entitled to make a mistake. What would you do after a foul up like this? Yes, you would read up on free and open source licensing and make sure that the next iteration would at least be free of problems. Apparently, the producer of Ultumix forgot to do that, because early December 2007 he released a new version of Ultumix without Cedega, but with a nice logo that stated that this distribution was released under the GPL v3. “Say again?”. Yes, he decided that the kernel, the tools, the applications everything should be released under the GPL v3. Fortunately a few people got in touch with him, so he could post in the Linux Questions forum:

Some have pointed out that I will make people angry if I release this under the GPLv3 so as of this moment on 12/03/07 at 04:23 PM Pacific Standard Time any software that is released under the GPLv2 will stay under the GPLv2. Also any software I created or released myself will be under the GPLv3. I just needed to get that out of the way.

People getting angry? You mean: getting sued for blatant violations of underlying licenses. Ignorance is not bliss. Too bad that this tainted version was released via The Pirate Bay where it will be available for quite a long time.

Installing PCLinuxOS…. oh… sorry. Ultumix of course.
But, everyone is entitled to make a mistake, even two. If you have vision and strong ideas about the ideal Linux distribution every lesson learned is a valuable one. In this case, the slogan “For Windows Users By Previous Windows Users.” might not the most inspiring one, but at least the target audience is clearly defined. With that in mind I downloaded the most recent version of Ultumix and installed it. It is a remaster of PCLinuxOS and you are reminded of that again and again.


The splash screen is the first sign that you are installing something else than PCLinuxOS:


After that you think you are booting into Windows XP:


Only to end up at the KDE desktop with a Vista-like theme:


The software collection is somewhat larger that a default PCLinuxOS install. Maybe I am getting cynical, but when I see this quote on the website:

Your Windows users should have a lot of fun with this OS. Do you like the new Start Kmenu button?

and then see nothing more than a badly designed icon consisting of a really low quality picture of a globe and the word “Start” on it, I wonder whether the target audience is really jumping up and down with joy.

“Innovation” for Windows users
Apparently. the Ultumix collector tried to make an effort by using Packman as package manager, so as to make it possible to install both RPM and DEB packages. But then:

I managed to install packman and gpackman in /usr/share/packman and it installed where it is suppose to go. Technically you should be able to install debain and RPM packages in this distro now. Proceed with caution as packman can not figure out what packages the synaptic has installed because it’s not configured for this distro. Unless someone steps forward and helps me get this done I will release this as the final version of Ultumix Standard Edition 2008.

Translated: “I could install Packman, but you -the Windows user- have to find out for yourself how to install and manage software through it. If you are a smart Windows user and found out how to do it, please let me know.” Sigh.

Bringing God and Jesus into the scheme
The worst was yet to come. I found a blog post by mr. Ultumix himself. Better read it for yourself, but this quote really rattled my cage:

I give all the credit for my project to the rest of the Linux community and Jesus Christ. The ideas I had for Ultumix didn’t come from me. These ideas came from other distros and from the knowledge that God has given me. I am very thankful to be a part of something bigger and I don’t ask for credit.

So, after first stealing software and illegally redistributing it, then illegally relicensing all open source software and redistributing it and finally bringing out a PCLinuxOS version with minimal window(s) dressing and still calling it Ultumix, this person has the audacity to bring God and Jesus Christ into the scheme as well. Not asking for any credit? Go figure! Maybe some more time should be spend on meditating on some core Christian principles like honesty, respect and humility.

How not to remaster PCLInuxOS
Anyway, stumbling upon Ultumix was only a side-effect of research PCLinuxOS. It doesn’t say anything about the PCLinuxOS project itself. It is however an example of how not to proceed when trying to remaster PCLinuxOS or any other distribution


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74 thoughts on “Thirty days with PCLinuxOS – The case of Ultumix or How not to remaster PCLinuxOS

  1. LOL. That was a really sharp poke in the eye 😉

    C’mon, let’s give Mr. Ultimix a little slack, shall we?

    God bless him.

  2. there is not good or bad ways of remastering … they are some goods and some bad remasters and they are no remasters that are full distribution… but sometimes some frogs try to get as big as a bull and get blown up … like candles in the wind people wo seeks to change the rules without knowing them manage to release something that is cheaper in all aspect than windows by remastering a linux distribution in a way they don’t even understand.

  3. Data2000 on said:

    Funny how he has the Balls to Charge $18.00 Dollars U.S. to Steal something.

    If you look at His website its the uglyest one ive ever seen for something thats supposed to Be Professional quality.

    Folks steer wide from this Guy just a warning

  4. PCLinuxOS is designed so that regular updating removes the need to re-install anew version every six months. The original public release of PCLOS managed that for three years, and the 2007 release is hoped to do as well. In order for that to work, a lot of care goes into package building and compatibility. PCLOS can’t break on an update every six months, because your installation has to last.

    If you start installing rpms from other distros you are asking for problems. If you start installing deb packages as well, you are seriously asking for trouble.

    This Ultumix guy seems clueless. The worst thing being that when these outside packages (and possibly equally clueless tweaks – I don’t know if there are any), combined with a future upgrade, break your installation, will the blame be, partly at least, attributed to PCLinuxOS?

    There are plenty of “approved” remasters of PCLinuxOS for particular purposes, but, for a first time user, it’s best to use the standard LiveCD, install, use Synaptic to update all packages, and then use it to add the packages you want.

  5. newmikey on said:

    I have watched a few of his videos and followed some of the nonsense on his forum and that of his buddy nixedreport. Clueless is a word that springs to mind, but then the worst sort of clueless there is.

    This guys spouts pseudo-religious gibberish, IT-nonsense and marketing fluff all rolled into one. His answer to criticism is “tell me how” but he does not invest even a second of learning. My 11 year old knows more about running PCLOS and installing themes than he does. Difference is, my 11 year old doesn’t do distros or take your money.

    I sometimes wonder why Tex doesn’t stam his foot down on the abuse of his trademarks…


  6. Marius Timu on said:

    Yes the ”ultimate distro”,I mean c’mon,this guy does not even know on what linux planet he lives on,he didn’t even redesigned the look of this remaster,it looks just like pclos with another wallpaper,and another start button!Yes great remaster1

  7. Sounds like the “Ultumix” guy has some serious problems, and loves ignorance. He’s now trying to base “his OS” off of Granular, which is based off of PCLinuxOS. Stop it! I don’t want my friends in this community getting in trouble because of violations made by you. Just stop, please.

  8. The idea to use Granular is mentioned in the Ultumix forums and was actually suggested by Manmath Sahu who keeps a PCLinuxOS weblog.

    Hmm, I am seeing more interesting things in that forum. The new Ultumix release will be 100% GPL open source. That will mean no Firefox or Thunderbird for instance. It looks there are still a few lessons to be learned.

  9. Ok ok. You did a great job of digging up the past but did you forget to mention at the end how I took all that GPL stuff out of my OS or how I have been working around the clock to try to make it acceptable by everyone’s standards? This is really more about the Windows user here and not about the GNU/Linux critic. 5 years ago I asked for help with this project and waited. No one wanted to help me. So I used the only information I was provided to remaster PCLinuxOS. Thats when the nightmare began. When will it end?

    As for my first release being available on the pirate bay no one is seeding a full copy anymore that I know of so I don’t think I will have to worry about that.

    Any time one of you critics wants to step in and actually help me do this the right way or tell me how I would be glad to listen but if all you can do is shout at me and tell me what I’m doing wrong and criticize my religion then it’s not worth listening to you.

    Currently Richard Stallman has been nice enough to converse with me via e-mail discussing my ideas and telling me how to do good PR to get all these Forum flooding, Topic locking, Blog Blasting moneys off my back. I really appreciate the help he is providing to me. I’m not going to use Granular because it has worse problems than PCLinuxOS does when you remaster. My next target is MINT with KDE or maybe gentoo. Richard does not think I should use gentoo because it has non-free stuff in it. So I’m starting to think that a quick remaster of Mint with KDE would be good and then I need to sit down, rethink what I should do and rebuild the thing from the ground up. Richard Stallman thinks I should join an existing project and supply my ideas but I explained to him how no one wants to cadre to the Windows user and listen.

    By the way I know I’m not one to talk but it’s “be spent on” not “be spend on”.

    I’ve been informed that most of the people that are flaming me are from out of the country and don’t speak English. I’m sure someone would be happy to help you with that, or maybe you “don’t invest any learning”.

    You may also want to read my new FAQ here for further details.

    If you want to give me flack be a man and use my forum. Just don’t use cussing.

  10. Jan Stedehouder on said:

    Hi Justin,

    I think Richard has a good point. If you want to remaster existing distributions in order to make them more accessible to Windows users, you better consider joining a current project.

    AS for digging up the past: this all happened in the last couple of months, which means it isn’t ancient history. The facts are as they are and do prove a chain of serious mistakes in getting your new project on the road. Like I wrote, mistakes can be made and can be corrected. However, in this case, most of your mistakes could have been avoided by simple using a search engine and doing some research. I know it is easy, I did it myself. I didn’t even have to converse with Richard Stallman about it. You are the one to blame for the nightmare, not all others.

    Blaming the critics is not a good strategy in building a new community. Unless you want a group of sycophants supporting the project. Criticism, even brutal criticism, is part and parcel of the work of an open source developer. It might not be nice, it might not be Christlike, but it’s part of a culture that developed over the years and resulted in a great operating system.

    In the open source culture you prove yourself right by what you create. You state that all current distributions do not take the Windows user into account. Good. That’s a viewpoint. Now prove it. But, as my article shows, Ultumix does not prove it, at least not now. A simple rebranding of PCLinuxOS and adding a Vista-like theme doesn’t create a Windows user friendly Linux distribution.

    As for picking on the typo: thank you for correcting me there. Though it is kind of childish to hammer on it like this, don’t you think?

    Finally, I am not criticizing your religion. I wouldn’t dream of doing that, but my conclusion stands: the way you are handling the Ultumix project right now doesn’t do honor to both God and Jesus Christ.

  11. newmikey on said:

    “I’ve been informed that most of the people that are flaming me are from out of the country and don’t speak English. I’m sure someone would be happy to help you with that, or maybe you “don’t invest any learning”

    Justin, as soon as you speak any language, any at all, as well as us foreigners speak English, please let us know (in French, German, Chinese or Dutch f.i.). You are aware of the fact that English, much less American English is not world language nr.1

    As long as you continue to barge into communities and demand they “merge” with you, as you did with Granular, expect to be booted out of every single one of them. Fleeing to Gentoo or Mint will not solve your problems; listening definitely WILL!

    Now, why donṫ you re-read this whole thread again? Jan hinted kindly that you need to learn more about all of the different kinds of licenses in existence as for instance Firefox comes with its own license, the “Mozilla License”. As long as you do not show that you can grasp that concept, you are not going anywhere.

    Mr.Stallman gave you some great, free, advice. What do you do? You throw it in his face because he doesn’t understand your exalted motives? Come off it, Justin. You are just rehashing something many before you have done.

    And for using your forum: have you looked at it lately? Why would you suppose anybody would step into that?

  12. Hello world,

    It seems sad that so many have to jump on Ultumix and its author Justin Breighaupt, in the way that you all are. I can not help but to research some of the mudslingering flamthrowing that are on this pile. This seems a little like an old game I used to play when I was 11 or 12 years old. “Dog pile on the rabbit”. It seems that the top dogs on this rabbit are as follows:
    Marius Timu
    Jan Stedehouder
    Jan Stedehouder
    Marius Timu

    Seems like I have seen most of these usernames on mypclos and pclos forums. Some of them as admins and forum moderators and maintainers. Is there just a little bias in the “dog pile” in the direction of favor to PCLOS? So, what else do you have to prove, being from biased view of the subject, that you love to play “Dog pile on the Rabbit”, or are just stuck at age 11 or 12?

    So, I guess that I am next, EdwinStarr, being that I like Ultumix. I always wanted Justin to only call it a remaster of PCLOS when I started with him a month ago. I understand that PCLinuxOS has a right to retain its trademarks. I respect that. But, did not PCLOS invite this problem when they opened up the opportunity to do remasters of itself to other community members? Was this an invite, or a “lure” to get some rabbits in here so we can have some fun — flaming and mudslinging?

    I have lost some respect for pclos and mypclos from all this. But that will not mean anything to such “big” contenders in “this” Linux community. Will anything positive be in store from all you “biggies” other then showing just how you can criticize so professionally as I see you doing to Ultumix and Justin Breithaupt (an American). He is 22, I Edwin Starr Hallgrimson am 54(an American), how old do you want us to be? 11 or 12.

    I am on Justin’s side. So, I guess I am the next rabbit for you to pile on. Or at least it seems to make me a target. Don’t you just hate it when that 11 or 12 year old attitude gets in your way? After all this, I do believe I will remove myself from such biases. So what?

    Yours truly,


  13. Further responses have been made at my forum under the Open Discussion. Don’t worry about trigger happy moderators. You won’t find any unlike a lot of other forums.

  14. newmikey on said:


    As you are so keen on correct English by foreigners, let me help you on a few errors in your own writings.

    – “then your part of the problem” should be “you’re” as in “you are”. “your” means ” in your possesion”. At least you are consistent in your abuse of the English language.
    – “get off their buts” it is actually spelled “butts”, with double t
    – “talk me threw” Threw is actually the past tense of the verb “to throw” as in “he threw the ball”. You should have used “through” in the meaning of “by means of”. Again, this is one you use in all of your writings, so you may not know the correct spelling at all.
    – “no one wants to cadre to the Windows user” I suppose you meant “cater” as in “provide assistance”
    – “give me flack” should actually be “flak”, a German word used to describe the anti-aircraft batteries in German cities during WWII

    And in the FAQ you refer to:
    – “Some believe it’s jelousy” this is actually spelled “jealousy”, with an “a”
    – “has threatened to stock me” you probably wanted to indicate he has threatened to “stalk” you.
    – “I am continuly using all of my spare time” should be “continuously”. I really don’t know why you do not use a spellchecker if your spelling is that bad.
    – “how to better this OS and asking for help” is grammatical nonsense. You can better yourself, something I would sincerely advise you.

    Now on your insistence that “I don’t want Ultumix to become commercial”: just looking around this forum and seeing the references to “making money”, then looking at the way you offered your unfinished product right from the get-go at ridiculous prices, the hats&mugs marketing at Zazzle makes me doubt your intentions. I suppose that is part of the reason you get so much distrust from everybody.

    Until now, all you have done is damage the reputation of Linux as a whole and PCLinuxOS in particular by your incoherent, grammatically incorrect, spelling-mistakes-riddled writings that can barely be identified as English in the first place.

    Now you go on attacking every single person that comments here on little things like spelling, you will be rewarded thousand-fold in return. Go on misstating the facts like “I left Granular” instead of “I got kicked out on my behind”, you will get the level of trust you deserve. You go on claiming you are the brilliant initiator of this great project while on the other side admitting you cannot even get one single webpage to look remotely acceptable, damages your credibility – or whatever remains of it after the past few months.

    I am slowly coming to the understanding you may need more help than you actually realize.

  15. Samantha on said:

    Just one correction as everyone else has summed up everything else just fine, The start icon isnt a “globe” but from the screenshot, it looks AWFULLY similar to the “pinwheel” logo that pclos used in an earlier release before settling on the blue circle pc its basically that icon with the letters start edited in.=/


    These guys have some serious problems.

  17. He says he’s going to delete it after a certain poster reads it, I have a saved copy here if you don’t get it in time, if interested, post here. He seems prejudice against foreigners, at least I get that impression, but that’s only one problem.

  18. Horrid absolutely horrid. Naught else needs said!

  19. I am a very happy user of PCLinuxOS, so I read this article with interest. Thanks for letting us know about this “Ultumix” distro. While it’s true that spin-offs are often good, sometimes it doesn’t work out so well. The best deal for all Linux users is to read articles pro and con about each new distro and make up their own mind.
    I hope that the creator of Ultumix will continue to improve his vision and work WITH the PCLinuxOS team to resolve difficulties.

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  21. jacques on said:

    I like that (from the main page of ultumix):

    >The PCLinuxOS community has asked that we give them
    >some of this money too continue their project as >well, however we can not communicate with them at this >time.

    I can’t hear you, crrxzcsadfkjhsd I’m going through a tunnel right now 🙂

  22. jacques on said:

    I like that (from the main page of ultumix):

    >The PCLinuxOS community has asked that we give them
    >some of this money too continue their project as >well, however we can not communicate with them at this >time.

    I can’t hear you, crrxzcsadfkjhsd I’m going through a tunnel right now 🙂
    Or is the need to pray and severe earthly bonds while preparing a new linux distro?

  23. Robuka Kenderle on said:

    What a piece of crap this article is.
    And what really irks me most is the BS title.

    I followed this link from LinuxToday because I wanted to read about some guys experience with PCLinuxOS and NOT about some newbie rolling his own variation.

    You want to troll for hits?
    Then fuck you for wasting my time.

    Best regards.


  24. The idea of learning how to do good PR from RMS is hilarious. RMS has many strengths, but being good at PR isn’t one of them, which in his case is likely a good thing.

  25. “Richard does not think I should use gentoo because it has non-free stuff in it. So I’m starting to think that a quick remaster of Mint with KDE would be good”

    Mint is basically a remaster of Ubuntu with a bunch of non-free stuff added (codecs etc)

  26. @ Robuka
    I am sorry you were misled by the abbreviated title on the Linux Today website. This was a topic I stumbled upon while preparing the series about PCLinuxOS. Getting more hits for the series isn’t my main goal and I definitely don’t need to use ‘sexy’ titles to get listed on Linux Today.

    @Edwin Starr
    I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise to find my own name on my own weblog. When you check the responses to my PCLinuxOS articles you will notice that I am not exactly considered that distro’s favorite writer.
    As for the accusation to being biased: just show me where the bias is. I put all distributions on the same test bench, using similar criteria. The issue isn’t whether Justin is justified to create a remaster of PCLinuxOS (nor his or your age. What a nonsense argument by the way.), but the way he stumbles into one problem after another because of not doing some simple research. There are plenty of remasters in the world of Linux and I am okay with that. Yes, I criticize the way Justin handles this project and the way he handles those who criticize.

    I apologize it took a few days to moderate all contributions. I’ve been out of town and out of reach for a couple of days.

    Update on Granular
    For the sake of completeness, this is the post in the Granular forum where newmikey is referring to:
    I believe Chris gave a very balanced and friendly answer, in which he tries to help Justin Breithaupt.

  27. “Edwin Starr”
    I apologize if incorrect, but I had a very dumb thought, based on everything going on. Is this a real person? Justin mentions not having any/much help, then there’s this guy (who also misspells words). Some of his writing on their forum also sounds like it’s coming from some sort of preacher…. Starr…, put Tex in front of it and…. An alter ego made to look like another person to help? I don’t know, again, I apologize Edwin if that’s your real name, it was just a thought I had.

  28. Of course this blog is now getting more publicity than ever before and for that I congratulate you. You just had to drag someone threw the mud to do it.

    I’m not writing back because you have gotten to me but I just thought I should clear one thing up first. I don’t want to exclude any races from using Linux. Sure I don’t support stores like Wall Mart because they buy overseas, sure I try to buy stuff made in the USA, thats called patriotism and it means that I actually think that what our country stood for when it was founded was a good thing. I can’t control what our government does now because they are spiraling out of the people’s control and into the corporation’s control but that does not change my morality.

    All though I am not racist I don’t feel comfortable around certain races because I just don’t. It has nothing to do with me not liking them. I am just not use to being around them because I have been in a small town most of my life where the majority of people are white or Native American.

    I also am not racist against Gays or Lesbians but I will not stand for them imposing their beliefs on me or my person. As with any race or religion that goes against my morality.

    If the Linux community is all about community and getting along then why are there so many of you reaching at each other’s throats or just generally excluding each other? That does sound like a community to me. A community of gang bangers, or head hunters, or cannibals. Call it what you want but I don’t want to belong to any community that has these ideals. I’m sorry you feel the way you guys do. You have the right to feel the way you do but to impose your feelings on others in the form of verbal abuse, mental abuse, or physical abuse is not to be condoned.

    I’ll say this. Your “communities” that each of you represent are ones that exclude me or look down on me for making an effort to better the product that our communities put out. But it’s not just me you exclude. There have been numerous other cases of people being excluded. Want to ask someone who can count many more people just like me? e-mail He will tell you just what has been done in the past.

    United we stand. Divided we fall. I did make a mistake but some of the others like me have not and have been put threw much worse. The persecution of the Linux Community needs to end before the Linux community ends.

    What you fail to realize is that now is the time to retaliate against Micro$oft by simply providing a better product (not running them down) and showing Windows users how easy it is to switch. I’ll just come out and say Vista Sucks. My newest release I’m working on (Mint KDE without the illegal non-free packages) was installed on an ASUS Laptop with 2 GBs of RAM, a dual core Intel CPU, and an NVIDIA 8400m 128MB Video Card. In GNU/Linux Mint KDE 4.0 Ultumix Edition it ran very fast and was easy for the Windows user to quickly pick up. (I tested it on a user that had never used it before) I did have to tell him how to install the extra codecs. Then we restarted the machine and ran Vista Home Premium. Internet Exploder was told to go to and it froze and the entire Vista OS froze and died in an endless sleep mode. We rebooted it 3 times before we got Firefox installed. Even then it was sluggish. It felt like we were using an 800Mhz 32 bit PC with 128MB of RAM.

    So you see victory is at hand and your all too buisy fighting each other to help out.

    Remember: If your not part of the solution your part of the problem.

  29. In regards to the post on my site about not being able to communicate with PCLinuxOS they banned me from their site. How do you expect me to donate anything and why would I want to after they have been so rude to me?

  30. @ Justin
    It seems you are adding a lot of issues to the discussion. I am fine with that. But would you mind clearing up some issues?

    First, it is mentioned on your forum that Ultumix is striving for 100% GPL-ed software:

    Then, under the title “Permission from adobe to distribute Flash Pla”(sic!), you are showing a copy of a letter by Adobe, giving you permission to include Adobe Reader (not Flashplayer!), which isn’t GPL.

    Oh, and I’ve read your FAQ page. Let’s say I am sorry to see you haven’t learned from the various people in Linux communities that were patient and kind enough to provide feedback. To take your tag line: “if you created the problem, you can’t be part of the solution”.

  31. Addressing the author of this article:

    Sadly, you have failed basic social psychology. It is obvious that the producer of this PCLinuxOS remaster is not even near being proficient in English, let alone being proficient in making people understand his intentions IN ENGLISH.

    From his statements; style of language; use of words it is easy to figure out what kind of a guy he is. He’s definitely not the witty one, definitely much unlike you. He sounds like a too-honest guy with a lot to say and talk about who just happens to miss obvious things because of just that – being too honest. He is the one being victimized, just because he can’t communicate properly and is a little bit on the hyper (he likes to help people a lot so he came up with this “Linux for Windows Users by Previous Windows Users”). In short, he’s just a helpful guy who wants to help beyond his ability.

  32. Actually John, I scored 8 on a 10 point scale (serious, not being witty here). And I wish I could agree with your argument. However, there is a difference between not being fluent in English (which I never used as an argument), making mistakes and learning from them (which I only encourage) and not paying attention to suggestions and pointers from people (which has nothing to do with being too honest, even in psychology).

    There are plenty of very young developers in the Linux world that hardly speak English, but who nonetheless make solid contributions to Linux from the best of motives. It’s their work that deserves appreciation.

  33. I appreciate the traffic your driving to my website! It says that it went up by over 750 page hits per day where as before I only had an average of about 200. It’s just a spike but I still appreciate it. Thanks. According to the statistics below 33.26% of these hits are a direct result of your forum posts. 38.55% 23.26% 14.18% 13.07% 6.25% 4.69%

    People going directly to

    Unknown 54.46% 33.36% 6.07% 1.41% 1.30% 1.16% 1.13% 1.11%

    According to the information below only 48.23% of people seeing my site use Linux which is good because that means that the majority of people looking at my site are using Windows and thinking about switching to Linux. 🙂

    Linux 48.23%
    Windows NT 5.1 42.02%
    Windows NT 6.0 5.12%
    Windows NT 5.0 4.63%

    This site will confirm these findings as well

    Once again I could never have got these results without your help. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

  34. Ok so to give the author a difficult time, and imply that she is doing this for page hits, is just plain silly.

    Especially now that you are the only one posting page hit ratings. And yet again it’s almost as if you are doing this on purpose. I don’t think your doing any of this by accident, or out of just not knowing. Maybe you are a lot smarter than everyone is giving you credit for. Because you just keep this going. You don’t want this to end, so it must be your 15 minutes of fame.

  35. Don’t worry about it. I think any blogger who claims he or she isn’t happy with page hits is lying through his/her teeth. If you put yourself in the public spotlight (like I do), you have to accept some undeserved, sometimes harsh judgments. From where I am standing it becomes funny to be called a M$ basher, a Microsoft FUD spreader, a PCLinuxOS hater and someone with a bias towards PCLinuxOS over the course of months. I know I am not writing to get more page hits, I write because I like writing about open source and Linux. Or BSD as I did in the last couple of months.

    Justin’s post is a testimony to himself, one that is safely preserved in this thread. Whether he will still like it in ten years time…. well, only time will tell 😉

  36. *WELL*…”judge them by their works” no one likes their work being used by others without credit…the best things in life are free and its to hell with them that charge…I prefer origional work so I will stick with PCLinuxOS,its one of my top ten distros.

  37. newmikey on said:

    “Sure I don’t support stores like Wall Mart because they buy overseas”

    Short-sighted or just plain stupid. Whether you like it or not, almost nothing that says “made in the USA” actually is. Ever heard of the NAFTA agreement or the EU-Mexico Free Trade Agreement? What about the Morocco-USA FTA?

    “All though I am not racist I don’t feel comfortable around certain races because I just don’t.”

    That is exactly what a racist IS Justin: someone who does not feel comfortable “around certain races”. You therefore ARE a racist by your own admission.

    “I also am not racist against Gays or Lesbians but I will not stand for them imposing their beliefs on me or my person.”

    Gays and lesbians are not part of any race that I know of. They do not impose anything on anyone, they just want to enjoy the same level of freedom that you and I have. As to them “imposing their beliefs” on you: last time I looked there were christian gays as well as jewish, muslim, hindu and not to speak of atheist gays and even agnostic gays. You yourself seem do do an awesome job of imposing your christian beliefs on others who did not ask for them.

    “As with any race or religion that goes against my morality.”

    Yeah, we understood that right the first time you said it. There are races and religions that go against your morality. Where in history have we heard that lately?

    “Want to ask someone who can count many more people just like me? e-mail”

    Oh, I think you should not start comparing yourself to Ken. You don’t even reach his left little toe, whatever the trouble he has gone through, he has something to show for it. He has actually DONE something.

    “The persecution of the Linux Community needs to end before the Linux community ends.”

    There IS no persecution and we, all of us, both for and against you, ARE the Linux Community you so desperately want to be a part of. We welcome you, we want to actually help you, but you do not accept any help.

    “My newest release I’m working on (Mint KDE without the illegal non-free packages)”

    Whether you noticed or not, somebody else already released Mint and it was not you. Judging by the lame discussion about libdvdcss on your forum, you still have not begun to grasp the many levels of legal potholes on this road.

    “Remember: If your not part of the solution your part of the problem.”

    Again, Justin, it is “you’re” and not the possessive “your”. Damned foreigners mangle their English every time!

    You are not “the solution”, neither is dumping a few icons on a desktop with a different wallpaper. You have to do better than that to convince anyone at all. This is not about cosmetics. You most definitely qualify as “the problem” yourself.

  38. Hi,

    Mud, Flames, but for maybe 3 positive and constructive comments, all else is more of the same stuff. Mud and Flames

    BTW, Yes, AH1, I am a real person. Lets see, how can I prove this? Do I want to be droug out on the carpet like Justin? Why not. No guts, no glory. Here is some of my web sites for you all to test to see if I am real or not. (suppose to be my commercial site – go ahead, mud and flame, I am not asking for help) (someone will have fun with this own!) (an old cybercafe from a year ago) (a website I host freely for a client) (an old friend)

    Maybe somewhere in these web sites you can see that I am not Justin’s made up id to help his cause, whatevet that is. I could give some more proof that I am real, but I would like to keep my personal life to myself.

    I have maybe 10 more domain names registered too, but I have not started using them yet.

    Go right ahead, mud me, flame me, whatever. At this point in this thread, it is more entertaining just to read all the negative mud slinging and flame throughing from so called professionals in the literaturary field.

    BTW, I am not a professional writer, but I am real. And, Starr is my real middle name. I am proud of it. And there is a story about it that dates 4 or 5 generations. It is a registered brand in Montana. But, don’t get me wrong, just because I have a brand does not mean I am a rich rancher in Montana. I am quite poor monetarily at this point of my life. Rich in other ways. Thank you very much.

    I am real,


  39. I was not going to say this because I thought it would cause an uproar but I guess it’s too late for that. Ken Starks is the one that suggested to me that I remaster Mint. He told me he will even work on a script for me (that I specified) that will ask the user questions like “Do you own a valid copy of Windows or Mac” “If Yes then you will be able to play music in more formats.” Yes or no.
    “Some Governments including the US Government do not believe it is legal for you to play your DVDs on your PC using free DVD players.” “If you believe that you should be able to play DVDs anyway despite this warning please click YES below.” Then the user will be redirected to sign my petition that will give them the right to play DVDs and the libdvd codecs will be installed automatically. And if everything goes to plan it will ask them after that if they want to import their user files from Windows XP, Vista, 98, 2000.

  40. Hi,

    Oops, I want to say I take complements too. Mud and flames are not my only invite in this whole thing.

    I want everyone to know also, I think PCLinuxOS 2007 is the best Linux os I have found so far.

    I came from a Red Hat background over at Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana. I just mean that that was where, and when, I got exposed to Linux at. I didn’t like Red Hat, so I started distro hopping until I ran across PCLinuxOS. In my opinion, pclos is the greatest Linux dostro that there will ever be.



  41. There is a point where I won’t allow this discussion to continue and the disdain that Justin Breithaupt and Edwin Starr Hallgrimson are showing for me and the other commentators is that point.

    The more I see about how Justin is building his distribution and making grand claims to more I feel we need to protect him from himself. Grand claims? Yes! His grand words about striking a deal with Adobe for the flashplayer. It’s sad, because it is quite simply a matter of filling in a online form. Heck, everyone could get it. The fact that he has hopped through three distributions in a couple of weeks is another evidence he has absolutely no clue what he is doing.

    Both his and Edwin’s posts in this thread have proven the key argument of the article more than my words have done. No doubt the discussion will continue and I will allow it as long as it contains substance. I won’t allow another set of posts full of disdain for other contributors. No doubt I will be consider “yet another dictator” for this. So be it.

    Looking forward to your contributions.

  42. I guess Edwin and me don’t get it. If we are supoes to learn something that others haven’t already told us from your slam against the Ultumix idea. Everything you stated here is a repeat of what I’ve heard in the past. I’m not sure what I’m not getting but there are others that are high up in the Linux community that don’t get it either so I guess we are just not on the same level as all of you. We must be living in the 2D world where you are a 3D sphere and your trying to describe what you are to us. We don’t get it. The only way you will be able to explain it to us so that we do get the hidden message is if you pull us into your world some how.

  43. Wrong. Nobody is slamming against the idea of an easy to use Linux distribution that provides seemless migration from Windows to Linux. But, to wrap this up, what were you supposed to learn?

    (1) Respect license issues, trademarks and authors rights. That requires you to read up on the subject.

    (2) Respect the work other distribution builders have done. They have tackled most of the issues and spend an enormous amount time, work and money to give shape to their vision. If you want to make a remaster, fine, but don’t call it something you created. If you want to fork an existing project and build something really new, fine, but make that clear as well.

    (3) Develop a vision and I mean a real vision and translate that into what you want to see in a Linux distribution. At least that way you are consistent in your choices. Others might not agree, but a vision is easier to defend than blind ignorance and failure.

    (4) Cooperate instead of demand. You can’t jump on someone’s doorstep and tell them they are wise to merge with your project.

    (5) Grow up and learn to deal with criticism. You are no stranger to handing out criticism here and there (Microsoft, Paypall, the entire Linux community). At least be a man and take as much as you try to hand out, instead of reverting to ridiculous arguments like typos, religion, patriotism or to playing the village idiot.

    (6) Admit your mistakes, learn from them, listen to the more experienced people who really tried to help and start all over. This time actually doing some real work instead of taking shortcuts.

    But, as the disdain in your final post (no, this was not a typo. This wasn’t your last post, but your final one in this thread) shows I have absolutely no illusion that you will take these and other points to heart and think about them. Therefore, lesson 7 is:

    (7) “Live in harmony with one another. Do not be proud, but be willing to associate with people of low position. Do not be conceited. Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everybody. If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” (Romans 12:16-18, NIV).

  44. Hi,

    The 7 points you made, in my head, score 7 for 7. I have never intentionally intended to disdain your article, I only questioned your motives for it. I agree with you on your 7 points of latest post. All 7 points. I agree.

    So, why am I here defending someone that made all these mistakes? The answer to that is; ‘I am not really sure why, other than this young Linux user has some good qualities in him along with the bad’, and I have high hopes he has learned from everyone in this thread how to continue forward in his endever to help make the Linux world a little easier to work in.

    Jan Stedehauder, you did a, mostly, great job in this article and its followup. I only wished it were a praise of Ultumix instead of the critic. I only hope Justin will get the correct direction from all this

    I have always believed that Ultumix should just be a remaster of PCLinuxOS, and I still believe that is all Justin should do with it. I now hope he will move onward in the right direction from now on with Ultumix, get it right, or at lease righter, and move forward with the objective. That being, making Linux easier and better Windows users to switch over to. The Linux -zeelot-hacker was, and is, and always will be, only trying to help.

    My humble regrets,


  45. Jan,

    First off thanks for your kind words, and also the nice words for Granular Linux, and team granular. We appreciate it. Also I cannot help but saying that I do like your writing, and style. Not following much of your work in the past, I plan on following up in the future. I really enjoyed the article. Thank You,



  46. @ Edwin
    Thank you. The research for this article was started with an open mind. If Ultumix had been manhandled wrongly and unjustly by whomever and had it been a distribution meeting up to it’s goals, I can assure you the article would have been different. It might have provoked the wrath of others, but that’s fine.

    I harbour no resentment and I do hope that future iterations of Ultumix will improve. When a release warrants it you can expect a review with conclusions that you are happy with. Please, if you can, provide the guidance to the team that your life experience can bring.

    @ Chris
    Thank you for appreciation, though I am merely contributing my own skills to help promoting the real work you and many other developers are doing. I will look at various PCLinuxOS related distributions in the course of this series and I will include Granular as well. It will be an interesting 30 days.

  47. Jan,

    Ok thanks, also worth noting then. We are nearing the completion of our next release. We are hoping to have everything put together near the end of January. Hopefully the timing will work out to our advantage. And we will have the new release for you to test drive, for the article.

    Take Care


  48. newmikey on said:

    Saw the latest scribble of our dear Justin. I suggest we do not honour this guy with attention anymore. He’s too far out to reach and does not have even the beginning of a clue. His own remaster doesn’t boot anymore and he is, again, blaming others for that. No matter that every other remaster out there boots perfectly fine, he is not to blame for his own failure.

    He is now comparing PCLinuxOS to Vista and if that is not enough, states that WinXP was QUOTE: “a very stable OS”. Misrepresenting the facts such as PCLOS supposedly having switched to Gnome (not true off course) and Gnome would be even harder for ex-Windows users to learn.

    He has confessed in this thread how serious he takes equality and justice for all, regardless of race or religion as long as they are white, christian, heterosexual and speak English. I find him a disgrace to the whole FOSS community that has proven so many times to have a total disregard for borders, be they ethnic, topographical or sexual. It is one of the strengths that everyone is welcome to make a contribution and everyone is recognized for that contribution.

    I for one am not going to reward the guy with any more keyboardtime.

    I’m done. I hope he crawls back into the whole he came from, which no doubt he will not. So I will not take the bait anymore.

  49. Justin Breithaupt on said:

    “He has confessed in this thread how serious he takes equality and justice for all, regardless of race or religion as long as they are white, christian, heterosexual and speak English.”

    newmikey I don’t know what your smoking but it must have cost a fortune. I never said that.

    I support missionaries to India and other countries and you are full of it. So just be quiet.

    You might want to re read my PCLinuxOS pots on In the Blog my friend corrected me about the Gnome thing. Yes XP was more stable than Vista. When SP2 came out XP was pretty good. There is no arguing with that. It was very stable compared to other versions of Windows and Micro$oft only went downhill after that.

    I didn’t come in here to make a reply but I just figured that I had to point out that you are not telling the truth.

  50. Note:I have allowed this last post of Justin since I do feel he has the right to defend himself as to the points newmikey made and because the answer is mostly factual (I think the remark about smoking could have been left out, but it’s understandable).

    This -maybe not surprisingly- invoked another response. However, this was an attack on Justin’s beliefs and how he expresses it. It had nothing to do with the topic under discussion and would only incite a new round of inflammatory posts that serve no purpose. For that reason I decided not to allow that response here. I apologize if that offends anyone.

    As the first sentence of the second paragraph in the article states: ‘Another core principle is perhaps “respect”.’ I appreciate a healthy, even heated, debate on this weblog, as I do believe that this is part of the strength of open source development. For that I thank all of you who participated and I am looking forward to your future contributions.


    Jan Stedehouder

  51. newmikey on said:

    Jan, I am not offended at all and you may be right. My last response was not factual and did go right for his throat. I just cannot stand this kind of self-righteous racism and stupidity.

    I will be looking forward to your PCLOS series on this blog. You’re doing a great job here!

    Obviously, you are very welcome over at

  52. As an update:

    (1) Ultumix is no longer based on PCLinuxOS, but on Linux Mint.

    (2) I have moderated out various comments by Justin Breithaupt as they were nothing but inflammatory. If you want to see those comments, feel free to visit the Ultumix forum for that:

    (3) Following the statement on the Ultumix website that profits from sales will be used to help Komputers4Kids and PomeroyLab LUG, I did a little research on PomeroyLab. It didn’t bring out a lot of new information, just a confirmation of what has been mentioned in the article and what can be seen in the posts here and in the Ultumix forums. One thing I would like to add as information.

    As late as September 2007 Pomeroy Lab LUG (i.e. the Linux User Group that Justin Breithaupt is responsible for, to quote “because I’m the only one who is Versed in Linux in this entire area”) was having an argument with Ubuntu about their status as a LoCo team. Ubuntu LoCo teams are meant to promote and support the use of Ubuntu at local levels, where Pomeroy Lab LUG was already pushing the use of other distributions as well. Some links:,7419,7524

  53. Wow! These internet trolls are sure being fed by everyone on the net. Search for “The Case of Ultumix or How NOT to Remaster PCLinuxOS” without the “” and see just how far this slander has spread. It’s nice to be one sided. Especially when you don’t have all the facts.

    Read the Truth here.

    Also read the junk these same trolls have been putting in our forums. It’s easy to find it because they spam my forums every day.

  54. I have allowed the post above to be accepted, though I can assure you that the poster wasn’t Texstar but Justin Breithaupt himself. He seems to be on a roll to add this text to each and every article on the net that refers back to the original article. The fact that he even has the gall to use the name of Texstar here proves the point I made earlier.

    Jan Stedehouder

  55. Don’t know who this guy is but he certainly left an interesting post. Now you got me guessing. I’ll ask my staff for Ultumix.

  56. Does this mean we can post about Justin again? After all, it is him that broke the silence!

    Some guys tried to talk some sense into him over at his buddy’s blogsite, to no avail. Everytime he finds himself cornered by real arguments, he starts foaming at the mouth.

    Your first assessment was not far besides the truth, I’d say borderline though, with paranoia thrown in for good measure.

  57. @ Justin Breithaupt
    Sigh, if you think you can continue to play the village idiot, please do so on your own website and forum. The IP-adress ( and the fact that you plastered the same message verbatim all over the net under your own name and the nics Ultumix and usacomputertec is evidence enough.

    I wouldn’t waste my time on it. Apparently he needs some attention and even negative attention is welcome. Why else would he stir up something that is old and forgotten. He can not be reached by solid arguments nor with an appeal to common sense.

    He seems to be fond of using the word “troll” and trump up his sense of christianity. Any argument he brings up against Linux, all other distributions, people and their beliefs can be picked apart and it will expose the same thing over and over again.

    My advice is not to respond to any of his articles or posts. He already did enough to hang himself in public and he seems to be set on doing just that for some time to come. We, on the other hand, have more important things to do.

  58. “He seems to be fond of using the word “troll” and trump up his sense of
    christianity. Any argument he brings up against Linux, all other
    distributions, people and their beliefs can be picked apart and it will
    expose the same thing over and over again.”

    Looks like it was you Newmikey who tried to troll / bait me by posting that annonymous comment in my forum about hating all the other distros outside the USA and SUSE and Linspire and Xandros among other ones. I deleted that post as soon as I read it because I knew it was from a troll. Just didn’t know who. Now I do. Thanks for clearing that one up.

  59. Jan, I noticed that you claimed that it was Justin Breithaupt who posted under the name “Texstar.” You claimed that you know it was him based on IP address. Just one problem though: I myself could say that based on a certain IP, an individual posted under two names on my blog. I could even go so far as to say Bill Gates did it too (just to make things fun… lol).

    However, if what you say is true, then please, feel free to take the necessary screenshots, and send them to me via e-mail. By doing so, I can chew Justin out and revoke his posting privileges on my blog. Thank you for your time.

  60. Data2000 on said:

    We all could call his ISP and complain
    about his acts its well documented now.

    at least then he doesnt have a medium to talk on.

    Qwest Communications Corporation
    OrgID: QCC-22
    Address: 1801 California Street
    City: Denver
    StateProv: CO
    PostalCode: 80202
    Country: US

    NetRange: –
    NetName: QWEST-INET-110
    NetHandle: NET-207-108-0-0-1
    Parent: NET-207-0-0-0-0
    NetType: Direct Allocation
    RegDate: 1996-04-22
    Updated: 2006-05-15

    OrgAbuseHandle: QIA2-ARIN
    OrgAbuseName: Qwest Abuse
    OrgAbusePhone: +1-877-886-6515

  61. @Thomas

    I appreciate the care you take and I have no problems sending you the screenshot. As you can see both posts from Texstar and Justin Breithaupt have the same IP-address. Of course, this wouldn’t prove a thing by itself. However, the following links point to verbatim copies of the comment in question, signed either by Ultumix, Justin Breithaupt or usacomputertec:

    With the kindest regards,

    Jan Stedehouder

  62. @Justin

    “Looks like it was you Newmikey who tried to troll / bait me by posting that annonymous comment in my forum”

    You can rest assured Justin. Your “forum” is not a place I would waste any words on and I do not post anonymously, I have a SourceForge login and, unsurprisingly, it is “newmikey” too.


    Texstar Says:
    January 31st, 2008 at 3:26 am

    Wow! These internet trolls are sure being fed by everyone on the net. Search for “The Case of Ultumix or How NOT to Remaster PCLinuxOS” without the “” and see just how far this slander has spread. It’s nice to be one sided. Especially when you don’t have all the facts.

  64. Nobody had any doubt as to who posted that remark, Tex. Jan has the logfiles, IP numbers and a zillion posts with the exact same text posted all over the net under Justins own name.

  65. Hi Texstar,

    I know you didn’t and I guess most if not all other readers of this thread understood that. But thanks for making a clear statement.

    And can I make use of this opportunity to thank you and the team for the hard work on the PCLinuxOS distribution. I know can be and have been critical, but I appreciate the volunteer work that you and many others put forward.

    With regards,

    Jan Stedehouder

  66. Yep. I know Texstar would never post something so one sided. I never doubted that it was not him either. By the way my IP address is dynamic and any Qwest customer could have been using it. Just to let you know. Also for some strange reason when the People at PCLinuxOS saw my IP and banned it everyone in my town that was a Qwest customer was banned as well. This also extended to anyone in the Spokane area. I don’t know how big of an area it affected but thats why I started my own forum and IRC chat.

  67. Trace this IP and tell me if it even remotely matches the IP in the post from the fake Texstar and tell me what you get please.

  68. Someone was asking me in my forum where all the Porn adds and Viagra adds are coming from. Honestly I don’t know. Maybe you know where they are coming from. I tried to respond to you guys but after I deleted the porn and Viagra adds it erased my response and because you insist on posting anonymously when you have perfectly good working IDs (like Newmikey said) instead of telling us who you are we have to assume that it’s you. The only ones who oppose us.

  69. @ Justin
    For your information: the IP address is different, though exactly the same as a post ( that appeared overnight on the old weblog:
    Strange enough the arguments MrZuluMon56 uses are exactly the same as you are using.

    Yes, I understand the concept of dynamic IP adressess, but all of your previous posts had the same IP adress over a period of two months and none of the other participants in the discussion had IP adressess that even came close to the range you are using. During the exisitence of this weblog it never happened that two different people used the same IP address for that matter.

    As for Viagra etc. spam. It’s not your fault, nor anyone else’s. As everyone with a weblog or forum knows, these kind of posts are the pest of the net and are posted automatically. Hence, it is stupid to blame you, but just as stupid to blame anonymous posters for plastering your forum out of spite. My spamcatcher stands at 65.000+ at the moment.

  70. Just to let you know ( is not my IP. Don’t know how you came up with that one. For example check the IP of this message. I’m going to also give you a test message from behind a proxy and you can tell me what IP that one is. If it matches your ( I’ll be surprised.

  71. This is a proxy server that I have used from time to time as well as thousands of other people that need to use it. Compare this IP.

  72. “# janstedehouder says:
    February 4, 2008 at 3:54 am | edit

    Since my name (Jan) is mentioned in the article a brief remark.

    I am not aware that any of my posts on the Ultumix forum has been blocked or removed by Justin Breithaupt. I am aware that some anonymous posts have been attributed to me, but -as I wrote in the Ultumix forum and various other places- I have no reservations to stating my opinion and criticism under my own name.

    Other than that I can only encourage all participants in the Ultimux debate to take a step back, a deep breath and a good look at what is happening. After that is time to realize that life should be more than this.


    Jan Stedehouder”

    I agree.
    Ya I think it’s time I stop responding to these blogs or forums period (except to support my users) and just concentrate on making a good OS. I don’t think it’s doing any good to do anything else. These discussions are not getting anyone anywhere because we obviously don’t agree. I don’t understand why but that just means that one of us does not see the other’s point of view. Oh well.

  73. @ Justin

    These discussions are not getting anyone anywhere because we obviously don’t agree. I don’t understand why but that just means that one of us does not see the other’s point of view. Oh well.

    I am sure you also meant to include yourself in this statement. Sometimes it is enough to say “I agree”, instead of trying to prove yourself right again.

  74. I have closed down the possibility to comment on the Ultumix article both on the original website ( as well as the new Ruminations on the Digital Realm.

    The main reason is that Justin Breithaupt has been going ballistic again after I tried to explain why I moderated his latest contributions (as well as those of others). I will post his response here, just as a warning for future reference.

    I know this is going to sound a bit odd but I’ll just say it because I don’t know how else to explain it to you.
    First of all two or three people in my life have told me I have no tact because I’m blunt and too the point. Yes I know. I actually like being blunt and too the point.
    I still see your site as an attack site and nothing more. I have no idea how I could considerer it as anything else when you failed to bring up anything positive about me or my distro in any of your comments at all.
    You talk about Constructive criticism but where is the constructive part? All I see is destructive criticism.
    There was one person I went to school with that reminds me of the attitude I’m experiencing on this site. He once asked me (well more than once) why I don’t just end it all and kill myself and he told me no one liked me and all that BS. He asked me how I could bear to keep on getting up each day. My response was this: I can because each day I look in the mirror and I’m not you. This response was incorrect. What I should have said was that the power came from Jesus Christ within me but I was too young to think about that.
    Later I found out that he (the most popular kid in the popular kid click) had tried to get others to commit suicide. I also found out that he could not live without his blanket and he was in 12th grade in High School!
    So yes I may have my faults and I may not see your point of view or understand how all of this destructive criticism is something I should listen to but I’m still here!
    I’m not sure why you moderated my previous comment where you said I had sarcastic sneers. I wasn’t trying to make anyone mad. I was simply stating facts that there is an Anti-Christian group in South Dakota dedicated to taking down my Distribution and Newmikey is a member of that Anti-Christian group.
    My head PR guy is an atheist and still believes that I have been mistreated by these Anti-Christian groups and has read everything and monitored all of this. He actually contacted them and asked for the attacks to stop.
    I have been told by several individuals and legal counsel that I should sew you and all of the Anti-Christian discriminators for persecuting me for my faith. But that would be against my faith because I don’t believe I should sew you for that. Not unless your Gay and you try to flirt with me and then I’ll knock your lights out. That’s not being racist, thats protecting my freedoms as a person. I don’t like being sexually harassed either.
    Sure you did a review of my Distro without stating all the current facts when you did it and I guess that could be helpfull to some people who were looking for amo to add to their Anti-Christian assult, but did it really help anyone?
    If you are actually interested in doing a positive review of my next release then I’m all for it and I’ll read everything you write and try to change anything you don’t like but for every 10 things you don’t like list one good thing you do like or don’t say anything at all.
    Some have told me you are a Jehova’s Witness. I don’t know everything you believe but I don’t think that being negative 100% of the time is part of your faith or am I wrong?

    As his final remark. If he simply starts reading instead of waiting what others tell him, he would have found out that I have made my beliefs quite clear on the “About us..” page:

    And so this story ends….. Here at least

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