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PC World – The 15 Biggest Tech Disappointments of 2007

I think I am enjoying this role of “What happened in 2007 lists?”. The period between two completely arbitrary dates, January 1st and December 31st, is at least an inspiration to some writers. PC-World’s Dan Tynan writes about the biggest disappointments of 2007. Would you be surprised by the number 1 disappointment? But why 15?

The list:

1. Windows Vista (to quote an English comediant: ¨I feel sorry for the elephants”)
2. Blu-ray versus HD (seems like a lost cause, both of them)
3. Facebook Beacon (to much ads will kill you)
4. Yahoo (doesn’t choose well between commercial interest and human rights)
5. Apple iPhone (who ever thought Apple stuff would be cheap?)
6. Broad band industry (net-neutrality endangered)
7. Voice over IP (Vonage struggles against patent claims, another US based problem)
8. Mac OS X Leopard
9. Office 2007 (hmmm, I actually like the ribbon)
10. Wireless carriers (looks like a US based problem, please keep it there)
11. Microsoft Zune (too much DRM killed it? Why?)
12. Internet Security (I guess someone finally realized it isn’t there)
13. Social Networks (your friends are everywhere)
14. Municipal WiMax (free wifi city wide)
15. Amazon Unbox (on-demand video)

It’s quite a USA centric list, but don’t forget: US stuff usually reaches other parts of the globe sooner or later.


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3 thoughts on “PC World – The 15 Biggest Tech Disappointments of 2007

  1. Not to be offensive or anything, but concerning your latest blog posts I also could’ve checked Digg immediately… 😦

  2. Yes and no. I am merely browsing around and selecting a few snippets here and there. Some I find through Digg, some from other soources. Don’t worry, there is a purpose behind it. Besides, I will start a new series shortly, this time about PCLinuxOS.

  3. Cool, eagerly awaiting 🙂

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