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Datamation – Open Source Pros pick their favorite projects

Now that we know where to make a profit in the open source realm, we can move on to the next list: “What are the fun projects for 2008?” Datamation asked a group of open source movers and shakers about their favorite projects. One conclusion: they are broadly interested in multiple projects.

  • Jeff Waugh (director of the GNOME Foundation): WordPress, Bugzilla, OLPC, Cairo, Evolution
  • Lee Congdon (VP of Information Services Red Hat): Zimbra, JBoss Hibernate,
  • Sebastion Kugler (KDE): Xorg, KDE/Plasma, Free Software Foundation
  • Marten Mickos (CEO of MySQL AB): memcached, Maatkit, PrimeBase XT, XAMPP, Hadoop
  • Simon Crosby (CTO XenSource): OpenSolaris, Mozilla, Xen
  • Stormy Peters (Director of Community and Partner Programs Open Logic): Linux kernel, Apache httpd, GNOME
  • Miguel de Icaza (GNOME, Mono): Compiz Fusion, Ruby on Rails, IronRuby
  • Bharat Mediratta (Gallery): Debian, Xemacs, Firefox
  • Greg Kroah-Hartman (Linux kernel hacker): Linux kernel, GNU Compiler Collection, Git
  • Michael Meeks (Novell): GNOME,, Mono
  • Ross Turk (Sourceforge Community Manager): dimdim
  • Dirk Riehle (SAP Labs): PostgreSQL, MySQL, Eclipse.

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