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Linux Love: Comprehensive Linux System Services List – Explanation and Recommendation

I still have a laptop that dual boots into Windows and Ubuntu. Needless to say that Windows boot up has become horribly slow after a year of working and playing with, installing and removing software. One of the things to speed it up is to check all the processes that try to run at boot time and disable them.

Linux Love has an overview of (possibly) all services that run at boot time on your Linux desktop, that take time, eat resources and whatever, but that could be disabled without causing a lot of problems. You might need to prepare your system for it.

For Debian (Ubuntu) systems, there’s a graphical application that comes with Gnome, I think. You can find it in the menu, under Administration / Services or run it by typing services-admin in a terminal. However, I’ve noticed that this tool doesn’t list all daemons in /etc/init.d so it’s better to use another. I don’t know of any other GUI system managers for Debian/Ubuntu so use one of the few console-based ones:

Install it with:
$ sudo apt-get install sysv-rc-conf

Run it with:
$ sudo sysv-rc-conf

or, sysvconfig
Install it with:
$ sudo apt-get install sysvconfig

Run it with:
$ sudo sysvconfig

Just use the one you’re most comfortable with.

Well, if you have some time to spare in the coming weeks and want to squeeze the last bit of speed out of your Linux box, this could be fun. At your own risk of course 😉

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