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Webilder – Surprise yourself with a new desktop… every five minutes

If there is one major improvement for the Linux desktop in 2007 is it progress in the field of eye-candy. With Compiz-Fusion and the various themepacks available for KDE and GNOME you can have stunning desktops without paying a performance hit price. I was actually missing just one element to my eye-candy heaven.
The wallpapers on my desktop change regularly. Sometimes because my mood changes, sometimes because I am bored with it too quickly. The use of the Flock webbrowser gave me an overview of pictures that are available at Flickr. Really, the quality of those images is good and some people are amazingly gifted. “Wouldn’t it be nice to have those on my desktop?”, I wondered.

The answer is Webilder. Webilder is a great applet that downloads new images from Flickr every day according to the tags you have entered and then changes the desktop at preset intervals. You want a new wallpaper every five minutes. you get a new one every five minutes.
Installing it shouldn’t be much of a problem. There are repositories for Dapper, Edgy and Feisty, as well as for Debian Sid and Etch, apart from the tarball and deb packages.

Setting up the tags can be quite fickle, but the Webilder website helps you out. You can enter your tags there. Keep the Webilder preferences window open at the same time. The website generates the tags for you and it’s up to you to drag-N-drop it to the preferences window. However, keep the tags as broad as you can. You will be surprised by the rich variety and creativity of the artists that created the images.

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