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Another Media Player? Yep, but BMPx is something

Maybe it would be fun to check what the most popular category for coders is, but I guess “Media Players” would top the list. If you can’t find the Media Player you like, you code it yourself. Following a suggestion by Paul Weiss I decided to install BMPx and give that a try.

BMPx is your everything-and-the-kitchen-sync media player with support for Shoutcast, Icecast and Last.FM. According to the article Jamendo is supported, though not in the version that is available in the Feisty repositories. Well, as someone who often uses StreamTuner to find interesting Shoutcast streams and then launch XMMS, I find it nice to have both integrated in one program. You can rip you audio CD’s with it as well and then manage your collection through BMPx.

The best thing I can say about it: it just works and combines features from various programs into one versatile player.


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