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EasyCrypt: a graphical frontend for TrueCrypt

I wrote about TrueCrypt before in my article Portable Security for the Practical Paranoid. TrueCrypt is available for Linux, but then you would have to revert to the commandline to get it up and running. Well, it looks like this is no longer needed.

There is a new project working on a graphical interface for TrueCrypt, called EasyCrypt. EasyCrypt is developed for the upcoming Hardy Heron release, but I decided to give it a try on my Feisty Fawn box. I added the specific repositories to the sources.list:

deb hardy main restricted universe multiverse
deb-src hardy main restricted universe multiverse

Then it was a matter of running $ sudo apt-get install easycrypt. The new program nested itself under Applications -> Tools. When launched it detected that TrueCrypt itself wasn’t installed yet and offered to open the TrueCrypt download page.

EasyCrypt then becomes an applet in the menupanel with which you can open and close your encrypted vaults. The default vault location is /home/user/.easycrypt. The GUI helps to set up your first vault, which is then mounted on your desktop as “Crypt”.

The basic functions are there and managing your vault is extremely easy. It doesn’t look like you can encrypt complete partitions with EasyCrypt. But then, one of the options is a vault of 8000 Mb. Well, if you have that much sensitive data, you need to think about visiting someone with more knowledge about the mind.


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