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DesktopBSD day 29 – Comparisons

I have tried to avoid comparing my experiences while working with DesktopBSD with PC-BSD or Ubuntu. Today may be a good day to at least do a formal comparison between DesktopBSD and PC-BSD. I guess it can’t be avoided. Two FreeBSD-based open source desktops with similar goals, but finding different solutions.

The similarities between PC-BSD and DesktopBSD are there of course. Both use a graphical installer to assist the new user with getting FreeBSD on his/her system and both have chosen for the KDE desktop. DesktopBSD allows to boot into a live environment before actually dedicating it to your harddrive, while PC-BSD ships with Compiz Fusion.

The default software collections are different as well. DesktopBSD has chosen for Firefox, Thunderbird and Pidgin. A choice that makes sense as these applications are well-known and used on Windows and Linux. PC-BSD seems to stick more to KDE-based programs like Konquerer, Kontact and Konversation. However, these are minor differences.

DesktopBSD sets itself apart through the DesktopBSD tools and particularly the Package Manager. This graphical frontend for the packages and ports collection provides an easy tool for installing, upgrading and managing the software on your system. Working with Package Manager shouldn’t be a problem for Linux users that have experience with similar tools (Synaptic, Adept, Portage).

For PC-BSD the PBI’s are unique. The work on the PBI Build Server is progressing and that will result in a far larger collection of packages. This should contribute to a wider adoption of PC-BSD among people who used to work under Windows, since the PBI system emulates their “double-click-and-install” experience the most.

There is no need to try to figure out which one is better. I just marvel at both developments and I can see they both provide an answer to the needs of different groups of users. I can imagine a future where the DesktopBSD tools are enhanced to allow installing and managing PBI’s for FreeBSD-based systems, even if only for PC-BSD systems.


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2 thoughts on “DesktopBSD day 29 – Comparisons

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  2. This was a very good review. i like the detail you gave. I have tried desktop BSD and PC-BSD before. I tend to prefer Desktop-BSD. It has some of the ease of doing thigs and feel of the popular distros. very polished.. at the time though, I am still testing it, but using other linux distros primarily as flashplugin is not quite where it should be in it. I think I petititioned for it from their forums.. Desktop BSD is the promise of the BSD future.. I was highly impressed by it. The developers are wonderful… I would keep using their new release. I did not know you could add gnome on it. That is an improvement. Choice and functionality are user’s needs.. How does Desktop-BSD do with servers.

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