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DesktopBSD day 27 – Getting spiritual, sort of.

This 30 day series is nearing it’s end and basically I find myself being able to work with DesktopBSD without a lot of problems. I tend to look more at the available applications and whether they work properly or not. Two applications I keep an eye on are BibleTime and GNOMESword, two programs I use as bible study tools.

Both programs could be installed easily. BibleTime is KDE based and GNOMESword… well, the name is telling. They both use the bible translations and books that are available via de Crosswire download servers. They even share the same folder on the hard drive to access the downloaded materials.


I know choice is a good thing and that KDE-based and GNOME-based applications are programmed differently, but BibleTime and GNOMESword are so similar in use and appearance that I wonder why there have to be two projects. There are some differences, features that are available in one, but lacking in the other. And -no doubt- you can think of many other open source applications in multiple categories that suffer from the same problem: same functionality as other programs, similar look and feel, just a different name.

Anyway, while browsing through the Crosswire directory I found a bible in Klingon. Klingon? Yep, from Star Trek. If someone can take the time to translate the bible into a non-existing, hardly spoken language, then maybe I shouldn’t worry too much about people re-creating similar applications in the open source world after all.



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