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DesktopBSD day 24 – Removing software


Running into the problem of limited harddisk space made me take a closer look at the deinstall option in Package Manager. Again, it may only be a tiny feature, but when it’s made as easy as possible it does contribute to a good end-user experience. Clicking on the deinstall icon launches a wizard.


Next you will see a list of installed applications and it is now a matter of ticking the proper boxes. Be careful, because it is now quite simple to completely remove your desktop environmnent or the X server.


The final step of the wizard gives you a list of applications that will be removed. You can calculate how much free space you get as a result of this operation.


Since my laptop drive had about 300 Mb left due to all the software on my virtual DesktopBSD box I went out on a ‘hack-and-slash’ and removed all software that was already discussed in this series. Good! Almost 700Mb of extra free space šŸ˜‰


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