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DesktopBSD day 22 – Setback

I wanted to write the coming articles about gaming under DesktopBSD. Of course I explored gaming under PC-BSD already, but most of those games were installed via PBI’s and not everything was succesful. This time I would have to install the software via packages or a port. A few weeks ago I installed DesktopBSD on a regular box, instead of a virtual one, and that was the proper computer for gaming.

Sadly, I couldn’t use this box anymore. For whatever reason it wouldn’t give me a graphical interface, just the message “Input not supported”. The problem lies with the X server, no doubt, but it wasn’t a problem I could fix. Yes, I know how to fix problems with the X server, but when a screen turns up blanks again and again it becomes a bit hard.

Most of today was spent installing DesktopBSD again -a job finished in less than 45 minutes- and then updating the whole system, which took another four hours. Once that was done I decided to get going with America’s Army. Apparently there is no native FreeBSD port for this game, but there is a Linux package in the collection. Both the Package Manager and the commandline # pkg_add -r linux-americasarmy failed. Ouch, this means it has to be installed via ports. That’s going to be an all-nighter again. While I am writing this, the 750+ Mb source is being downloaded. The rest will have to wait until tomorrow.


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