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DesktopBSD Day 11 – Where to go from here?

This series isn’t progressing as easily as I want. For one, it is somewhat busy right now and that means it won’t be possible to continue with one article a day. There might be a lapse here and there. Besides this I am considering where to focus my attention for the next couple of days.

I want to see whether I can get GNOME to run on the DesktopBSD box. Mount Control is another piece of the DesktopBSD puzzle that deserves a somewhat closer attention. In the coming days I wish to install the OS on a regular harddrive and test out some more power hungry applications that way. With PC-BSD I tested out the games via the PBI collection. For DesktopBSD I will install the games via the Pacakge Manager (mostly overnight jobs I guess). Remembering the experience with the attempts to install PC-BSD on a hard drive, the first job might be to buy a new drive first.

When time comes at a premium it is always good to see there is audio stuff around that sheds some light on topics. For one thing, BSDtalk had an interview with the lead developer of DesktopBSD, Peter Hofer. There a quite a few other talks that are interesting as well, so why not give it a try.


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One thought on “DesktopBSD Day 11 – Where to go from here?

  1. I am glad that you are doing these articles. I found out that last weeks snapshot fixed the problems with it recognizing my SATA drive. I have wanted to try out KDE 4 so will probably stick with Madriva for the time being as it is easy to unmount and mount my iPod as well in Mandriva. I guess I have come to a place that I like the latest and greatest and can not wait for the way it is done in the BSD land. Maybe that will change as I will probably try DesktopBSD again some time.

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