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Mike Kavis – Comparing Linux Distributions

Mike Kavis tried out various Linux distributions over the last months, both 32-bits and 64-bits versions, in search for a distribution with ease of use and ease of install.

The conclusion: when it comes to user friendly distributions it is a close finish, but he recommends Kubuntu and Mepis


All of these distros except OpenSuse (couldn’t load) are great options for those wanting to move to Linux (I will try Mint again later). For those who are more experienced with administering Linux desktops, you may have come to different conclusions. I did spend a lot
of time with most distros performing command line magic to make some things work (especially on the 64-bit environment). Kubuntu and Ubuntu were the only distros where I just installed and went on my way. All others required some amount of tweaking.

I had the luxury of owning several different machines and some time to experiment with the different Linux distributions. Each distribution that I was able to get up and running ran well. I was able to make use out of some old machines that were running poorly on XP. Most importantly, my new laptop that was running Vista very slowly is now cruising with Mepis.

By no means was this a highly scientific experiment. This is the view from a technical guy with limited systems administration skills. Take it for what it’s worth. My recommendation is Kubuntu and Mepis.


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