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Bye bye Dapper. Hello Feisty.

One wisdom in the realm of Linux says: “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”. Well, after a year of playing with Ubuntu Dapper Drake it was time to move ahead. It was getting broken. If I was surfing the interweb, checking my e-mail while at the same time burning a dvd, the whole system would freeze. Granted it still looked better than the Blue Screen of Dead, but dead is still dead. It didn’t happen too often, about twice a week, but it was a signal that something was really amiss.

With two main projects finished and nothing new in the immediate future it was okay to sit down for the upgrade. Last year I had the good foresight (well, I listened to some good advice) to create a separate /home partition. Of course, it didn’t hurt to make a complete backup of it, so I did. To install Feisty Fawn I used the dvd that accompanies my book, due to come out in mid September. It’s the Ubuntu W2L Rennaissance version, which comes with three desktops and some 80 more programs. Well, if anything is wrong with the disk, at least I will suffer as much as the readers of the book.

But, everything went smooth. Within one hour my new Ubuntu box was installed, updated and enhanced (using Envy to install the nVidia driver). I used Ubuntuzilla to update Thunderbird to 2.x and that was it. For good measure I added the Ubuntu Ultimate repository to the sources.list (deb feisty all) and the job was done.

Amazing. I still remember the hours and hours I needed after my Windows box collapsed and when I had to install all programs one by one. Now, after one hour, I could check the e-mail, start browsing and burn some disks. And no freezes this time.


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4 thoughts on “Bye bye Dapper. Hello Feisty.

  1. Are you sure you don’t have faulty hardware? I have had problems similar to those you describe that were the result of conflicts that led to odd DMA behavior. In my case, the DVD drive was probably primarily at fault (many people have reported problems with the model), but replacing the hard drive also resolved the conflict.

  2. Now that could also be true, of course, though I didn’t change the hardware configuration in the last year (except a new graphics card, but that was months ago). But definitely something to keep an eye on. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Is there a specific reason why you used Envy and not the included Restricted Drivers Manager?

  4. Not really, other than that I wanted to give Envy a try. And to live life on the edge, a little 😉

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