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Enjoying a brief sabbatical

This is basically a “I don’t feel like writing” period. There are other things in life than Linux or open source, really. This doesn’t mean there are no articles brewing in my head, but those deal with topics that are less time-sensitve. In the mean time I am playing around with some new releases, like Sabayon Linux, Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon and the Jacklab Audio Distribution (JAD). JAD is a specialist distribution comparable to Ubuntu Studio and it targets musicians who just want to make great music.

Personally, I can’t make any sensible music. If you would ask me anything about music chances are you would an answer not unlike the indian doorman in “Music and Lyrics¨: ‘Actually, I am tone deaf’. But I am interested in making Linux as easily usable as possible, so that people spend more time in doing their real work with the applications than in figuring out how to keep their OS running and get the applications to do what they want. JAD is built on OpenSuse 10.2, uses the Enlightenment desktop and comes with a ton of audio applications. I just have to find an empty harddrive (hail to the swappable harddisk!) and give this distro a spin. Who knows, there might be an artist in me after all.

Another distribution that passed by in the last month was Elive Gem. Elive is a Debian based distribution that tries to create an innovative desktop build with Enlightenment. Eye candy on older hardware, which would make it suitable for low cost projects using refurbished computers. So far it looks good, impressive even and definitely something to keep an eye open for.

For now, I enjoy the sabbatical in writing, but on the other hand there are things happening out there that are crying out for a post here. Maybe it’s time to wake up.

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