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Jan Stedehouder

Free (?) e-Books on Linux

The digital realm is a big place, but often we stick to those parts that are written in our mother tongue or English.  For most of us Chinese websites are a leap into the unknown. But recently I found references to e-books on Linux and other stuff pointing to a website with a .cn extension. Today I decided to check out the website and I was pleasantly surprised by

The collection of available e-books is quite extensive, dealing with open source and Linux. The good thing: all books are in English, as long as you don’t mind the Chinese characters here and there in the screen.  It has books on Ubuntu and Fedora for instance.

Now, I am great proponent of free knowledge being freely available and this seems like a good initiative. But there is one thing nagging in the back of my mind. Ubuntu Unleashed? Freely available already as an e-book? We are free to take a look etcetera, but I wonder whether the publishers and authors are really happy with this website.


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