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Jan Stedehouder

Loose ends and future planning

With just four days to go before the publisher’s deadline the book and the DVD are almost finished. Today I solved the final issues with the DVD. I am waiting for my co-writer to finish up his part and then the whole thing can go into the final phase.

No matter how well (or not) it will do in the bookstores it was an interesting time. I don’ t think I ever dug this deep into Windows or Linux before. And there is enough material left to write another book or a whole series of articles.

With the end of this project in sight it is time to make preparations for the time ahead. I want to write extensive reviews about the top ten distributions on Distrowatch. There is work to be done to expand the idea of the Linux Proliferation Agreement and I want to add rich e-learning materials to the Ubuntu W2L edition, which I want to give the nickname ‘ Renaissance’

Why ‘Renaissance’? For some time I am attracted to the concept of the ‘Renaissance man‘. No, I am not talking about the movie with Danny Devito, but the concept that describes someone who is educated in multiple fields. I truly believe that developing multiple skills and gain wide and deep knowledge make someone more complete.

Linux is about empowering people in the field of computing, but it also gives them access to a wide collection of specialized software to develop other abilities, only being hindered by their own choices. The Ubuntu W2L edition comes with a wide variety of software, so the nickname ‘Renaissance’ seemed appropriate.

In line with this concept, I also have some projects in the making that have nothing to do with IT or Linux, but everthing to do with the work I do in the congregation. Two public talks about scriptural subjects, the first one in July and the second in September. I guess I don’ t have time to get bored.


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