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Ubuntu W2L edition beta 2

What is the Ubuntu W2L edition about?

We are working on a book about Ubuntu Linux that aims at Windows users who want to migrate to Linux or are considering it. The book is a step-by-step migration guide, but also want to provide a wide overview of what Linux has to offer for office applications, multimedia (audio, video, graphics and webdesign) and communications (chat, blogging, e-mail, newsgroups, peer2peer, voip and browsing). We made the decision not to use the default Ubuntu CD or create a multiboot Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu DVD, but to integrate the three desktop environments and add about 80 more programs. In this way no install or download is needed to follow all that is discussed in the book. We use the perspective of the Windows user (the graphical interface) as a starting point and go deeper into the system from there on. We don’t shun the commandline, but introduce it gradually and provide more information later in the book. Sorry (and I don’t want to spoil things here) but the book will be in Dutch. Our deadline with the publisher is June 1st (no we are not worried yet đŸ˜‰ ) and the book will be in the stores late August, early September.

Anyway, the first beta had some downloads and we did get some good feedback on the first beta. We would like to thank all for that. Between that one and this release a few things changed:

(1) Reconstructor was updated to version 2.6, and

(2) UbuntuStudio was released.

The release of UbuntuStudio provided me with metapackages for audio, video and graphics software that I previously had to select and add one by one (well, one big apt-get install instruction, but you understand the difference). We also had some discussion whether we should add all restricted codecs and drivers to the DVD.

This is the second and final beta release and -if you have the time to spare- we would really appreciate some test rounds with this one as well. What will you find:

– the following repositories in the sources.list: universe, multiverse, restricted, medibuntu and canonical commercial

– kubuntu-desktop, xubuntu-desktop, edubuntu-desktop and ubuntustudio-desktop

– ubuntustudio-audio (without the low latency kernel), ubuntustudio-video and ubuntustudio-graphics

– language packs (Dutch)

– koffice, korganizer, gnome office, gnucash, kmymoney2, grisbi, amsn, kmess, blogtk, drivel, gnome-blog, azureus, skype, banshee, exaile, streamtuner, streamripper, kstreamripper, lastfm,, kaudiocreator, lame, wine, amule, frostwire, pan, knode, liferea, mplayer, mozilla-mplayer, istanbul, gtkpod-aac, acidrip, p7zip-full, rar, unrar, zip, unzip, amaya, anjuta, gnome-art, beryl-manager, beryl-settings, beryl-settings-simple, bluefish, bum, krusader, gnochm, devede, dosemu, gcompris, etherape, firestarter, gdesklets, hubackup, jpilot, multisync, libmultisync-plugin-all, kerry, kpilot, kwifimanager, bcm43xx-fwcutter, ntfs-config, planner, qcad, quanta, kompare, kxsldbg, kimagemapeditor, cervisia, rawstudio, rsibreak, scite, screem, taskjuggler, ttb, ndisgtk, xaralx, xchat, abiword-plugins-gnome, tuxpaint, gnumeric-doc, gnumeric-plugins-extra, msttcorefonts, beagle-backend-evolution, vlc, mozilla-plugin-vlc, googleearth, ffmpeg.

– Picasa, VirtualBox and Opera

– for Windows added (which you will see when mounting the DVD under Windows).

We didn’t change anything in the artwork, so everything is vanilla Ubuntu, Kubuntu of Xubuntu with the Edubuntu and UbuntuStudio themes available. You might also call this a ‘fat’ version of Ubuntu.

The DVD can be downloaded via bittorrent through LinuxTracker.

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