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Gaining attention in the Blogosphere

I am a content blogger these days. Last weekend I decided to write a first impressions article on Debian and send it to Ladislav Bodnar of Distrowatch. I like Distrowatch and found it a valuable resource to get information on current developments in Linux and BSD.

This time I was the first one to have a review about Debian Etch on Distrowatch. Completely by accident, but I enjoy every moment of it. As blogger you hope that someone actually reads what your write. With the many, many millions of weblogs every response you get gives satisfaction. The Debian review gives a lot of it ;-).

First, there has been a lively interchange in the comments themselves. Besides that, the article has reached some other websites like Tuxmachines, LinuxLookup, Debian News and Linux Today. Each website contributed to getting new visitors to my website, somewhat more than 5.000 in the first two days.

Well, I just made the screenshots of the various websites, as a reminder and an encouragement. Thank you Blogosphere.

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