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Debian 4.0 Etch is released

Surprise, surprise. In the end it is only a few months late. The next big Debian release is available. The official release announcement can be found here and the various possiblities to download the distribution are found here.

The wide range of supported hardware platforms and the huge, immense collection of software packages do set Debian apart. When you are using Ubuntu or any other Debian-based distribution most likely there isn’t much that is new or exciting. But with Debian you know that it works, that it is stable and that is has long term support out of the box. It won’t look sexy, but that can be rectified by the tinkerer.

Personally I am curious whether I can get it running on my old iMac, because in this release the problems with X should be solved. But why should you try out Debian Etch? Plain and simple: out of respect for one of the biggest (if not the biggest) projects to develop Linux and open source software and the many, many hours that scores of developers have punt into making this happen. Installing Debian is a sign of respect for a remarkable legacy.

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