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Jan Stedehouder

New avenues

Good news. My good friend Jos Herni is expanding the reach of his website Digiplace. He is into Linux for way longer than I am and his website is great resource for people who want to find real life solutions for problems end-users face. He loves Ubuntu and designates himself as a “Gnomer”.

His website has reached the point that he can expand, both in content (hardware, serverbased solutions using Linux and desktop use of Linux) and in his team. Jos and I got to know eachother about a year ago and now he gave me a nice place in his team and on Digiplace: as a writer of opinion pieces. You can find a direct link at the top of this page, though you need to master Dutch to benefit from it.

Some people said to me that I talk like I am on a soapbox. Well, Jos gave me a digital soapbox to use to my hearts delight. Better close your ears 😉

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