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Akismet reaches 10.000 caught spamposts on my blog

For a while the Akismet spamcounter was climbing very slowly upwards, but the last few days it really rushed towards a new milestone: 10.000. For those who do not know it. Akismet is a great plugin for WordPress based blogs. It captures spamposts and saves you a bundle of time sifting through the trash to find the few decent contributions to the discussion.

The great rush towards 10.000 was mostly the result of a single spammer (or various spammers using the same IP adress):

Yes, this is about naming and shaming. I know there are tons of spammers out there who try to get some posts on my blog, but this one is really ridiculous. We are talking about multiple attempts per minute. If I refresh the page with blocked comments or spam there are again a few new posts. This one is hammering constantly and it is time this spam server is taken offline, fast.

Other than that, I am very pleased with Akismet and kudos to the developers.

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