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Mandriva Corporate Desktop 4 beta

Mandriva is a weird company without a real sense of direction, but that is just my opinion. Some of the released distributions have been great, others mediocre and uninspiring. Now they are developing a desktop focused on the corporations. Well, if they want to go head to head with Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop I wish them all the best.

Hence, I signed up for the beta, because I am interested in the road they have taken.

Mandriva Linux Corporate Desktop 4 Beta Program

We are happy to announce that the Mandriva Corporate Desktop 4 Beta Program is now open! This beta program is open to corporate users willing to have early access to the latest Mandriva technology. It is designed to improve your favorite server distribution and meet the needs of our development teams and our clients.

What you can expect for registring to this beta program:

* Free licences for 1 year for official Corporate Desktop 4.0 (depending on size of testing company), and/or discount on Mandriva corporate products and programs (Corpo Club, Pulse…).
* Early access to product code.
* Involvement in development cycle, which includes the ability to influence the final code and submit enhancement requests prior to release.
* More stable code due to multiple individuals testing in many environments.
* Direct contact with the Development team, Product Management, Marketing, etc.,
* Relationship-building opportunities with other registered clients for this program.
* Improved documentation.
* Resulting knowledge gained from participating on the beta test program.

We look forward to working with you. Your continued input to our product development is of tremendous value and is crucial to our product’s success.

You can choose to download 5 CD images or 1 DVD image. One thing that already irritates me: the download speed is all but “corporate”…. between 25 and 50 kB/s? And no torrents?!!?! You would expect something better from a major company.

The one year free license and/or discounts might just be worth the hassle. Just 16 hours to go for the download.


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