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Sigh, Linux on the iMac is horrible

I think I am giving up on getting Linux on my old iMac. Okay, I had Suse 10.1 running, but considering the good reviews for OpenSuse 10.2 I decided to upgrade the whole shebang.  As usual, it took some time for the basic install to finish (two hours) and -as expected- the Xserver was not configured properly. Well, I was prepared for that one since it is a constant nuisance with all Linux installs on the iMac. I had the former xorg.conf file at hand and with the use of Vi I entered the correct settings.

Nothing! Zip! Nada! They did not work anymore. After fiddling and looking around for two hours I decided to call it quits. I stil can not understand why the PPC distributions have problems with identifying the proper hardware (quite a limited range compared to for instance the x86 versions).

The second problem - a repetition of Suse 10.1, only now I did not look carefully enough- was that yaboot does not add Mac OSX to the menu. Sigh, now I have to figure out how to boot into Mac OSX again. Horrible. I am considering formatting the whole harddrive again and use it all for Mac OS X only and fill it up with open source software.


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2 thoughts on “Sigh, Linux on the iMac is horrible

  1. LOL. No Jos, the spamfilter caught your post and put it on the moderated list. Thanks for the links. I will have a look later this week. Too much on the plate between now and Saturday 😦

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