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Jan Stedehouder

Ubuntu Feisty Fawn on track, now the book

One of the key elements for the book is a customized version of Feisty Fawn UFF), so when there is announcement of a feature freeze that makes me happy. I installed UFF Herd 4 on the laptop (via VirtualBox under Edgy Eft) and s far I am pleased with the performance. The updates keep coming in and it is fun to see the developments.

One good thing is that I can start creating screenshots for the book based on UFF. I don’t have to wait for the final desktop to be completely finished (though a final check, following the April 19th release, will definitely be done).  Other than that, I really need to get working again. There is a whole chapter 5 waiting to be finished with some 10 weeks of production time left. <aaaaaaarrgggghhh>


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