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Becoming part of the Ubuntu Herd

With two months to go for the final release of Ubuntu Feisty Fawn it became time to become part to the Herd. Herd 3 to be precise. This morning I started to install Herd 3, while at the same time downloading Herd 4. All out of curiosity of course.

A few days ago featured an article about two major decisions concerning Feisty Fawn. Downgrading the importance of the PowerPC port of Ubuntu is a bit sad, since I was looking forward to installing it on my iMac. Dapper and Edgy were no real winners on the old iMac and I expected some fixes, especially with the ATI card. I understand the decision though. Ubuntu is leaning on the developments with Debian and there are problems with PowerPC port of Debian. Patience is a good thing here.

The decision to leave proprietary drivers out of the default install is a bummer.

However, the board decided that some of the software required for deploying Composite support, which was the impetus driving consideration of closed source video drivers, is not mature enough for inclusion by default in the next Ubuntu release.

I can understand the stability issues, but it would have been nice to have a release with some serious eye candy. Now we will have to rely on Automatix2, Automatix 2 Bleeder and EasyUbuntu. With this the most significant change in Feisty will be the inclusion of Linspire’s CNR. Is this a good thing? Personally I don’t think so, but plenty of people think it is a good idea. I couldn’t find it yet in Herd 3, but I did notice that Synaptic has been moved in the menu. There are a few changes in the Gnome desktop, but overall it is very, very recognizable.

Well, I shouldn’t complain too much. This will only make my task easier in the final stages of the book. Besides, Feisty comes only 8 months after Dapper Drake. Microsoft took five years to get from Windows XP to Vista. If you compare the progress Linux has made in the same time with that, we shouldn’t complain when there is another delay to get the eyecandy in the main stream.


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