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Office 2007: time consuming installations

I did not feel like writing today. There were still a few Technet disks I wanted to install and this was as good a time as any. On the list were: the Dutch language pack for Office 2007, Business Contact Manager 2007, Small Business Accounting 2006, Accounting Express 2007, Visio Pro 2007 and Professional Pro 2007. All together about 3Gb of install (give or take). Well, it took me about 2,5 hours to finish it all. That’s a lot. I can have a complete net-based install of Debian on the old iMac in that time. Or finish five consecutive installs of the Ubuntu DVD.

So, Microsoft will not win any prices with speedy installs. Besides that, my laptop is definitely way slower at booting up, which is -I think- partly due to the SQL server that is needed for the accounting software. A quick look at Small Business Accounting and the Business Contact Manager made me go “wow” nonetheless. Too bad SBA isn’t available outside the US, because I know at least one friend who is looking for this. The BCM has really turned into a center for keeping an eye on your sales. Well, a closer look will have to wait.


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