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Jan Stedehouder

Split second updates

Man! I just finished downloading version 3.25c of SabayonLinux, when I noticed the newsitem that 3.26 is about to be released. Last night the release was there on Linuxtracker, so I jumped on that bandwagon as well. The press release gives some more information about this bugfix release. It isn’t really necessary to download 3.26 as well, but I like to support the seed of SL.

In the mean time I booted version 3.25c (still steaming from the download) on the laptop. One good thing is that it recognized my wifi, something I couldn’t get Ubuntu to do up till today. There aren’t many other visible changes, but it still is a great distro. Time to re-install it on the laptop, but not right now. I still need Ubuntu for the book writing.


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