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Bringing Windows and Office to 2007

I have been using Ubuntu Linux since a few months now and I have no plans to move back to Windows any time soon. But I do like to keep a close eye on what 2007 will bring for the average desktop user. Fortunately Microsoft is giving me all the opportunity I need to do that. No, I wasn’t one of the lucky bloggers who got a completely loaded new laptop (but, Bill, Steve, Ray, anyone, feel free to contact me). Nope, since I also have a small IT business and am registered at Microsoft I recently got the offer for a two month free subscription of Technet Plus without any obligation to continue the subscription after that (or being dragged in automatically). With the Technet Plus access comes timebomb free downloads of all the Microsoft goodies.

I am not greedy and wouldn’t know any sensible purpose for all the packages in the Microsoft Dynamics series, but I am interested in Windows Vista and the whole Office 2007 system. Download heaven. I am now the owner of Vista, Office 2007, Project Professional, Visio Professional, Acounting Express and Small Business Accounting. This blog post is written with the new Word 2007 blogging feature. Vista will come in handy when I write about setting up a multiboot system.

Finally I can get the “Experiencing Vista” thread under way as well. I am curious as to how everything will work. My laptop is supposed to be Vista Capable, but I will test it out on a separate harddisk first. Office 2007 has replaced Office 2003 and I am trying to get used to the ribbon. Stay tuned and keep reading. Oh, and… thank you Microsoft.


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