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Jan Stedehouder

A Fine Day

Nothing is as satisfying as a spiritual day. I made good progress on the talk I have to keep in the last weekend of January 2007. Talks are always great projects. You can dig into a single team and spend about 20 to 25 hours about it, going over scriptures, doing research and molding all the pieces in one consistent theme. I benefit greatly from it and it helps me to focus even sharper on the spiritual aspects of life.

This afternoon we had our bible study group. I have been responsible for this since early October. Most of the attendees are older than I am. Way older. The group is meant for the elderly in our congregation and the average age is around 70. With 39 I am almost the youngest. However age is not important and nobody seems to care that I could be their grandson. On the contrary, it is a lively and enthusiastic group with an almost naieve openness. Before I was given the responsibilty attendance was around 8 to 10, but the last couple of weeks we had 17 in attendance. It’s a great group with a lot of experience and personal wisdom, honest in their worship and still looking for ways to improve their relationship with God. I feel blessed with this responsibility.

Yes, I like these spiritual days. Too bad we sometimes have to work for a living.


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