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Sabayon Linux 3.2: laptop install

I haven’t found a new harddrive for the desktop install yet, but with a laptop to play with that would do just fine. For now. Just for the record, I installed Sabayon on an Acer 3681 WXMi, with an Intel Celeron M processor 410, a Mobile Intel 940 GML Express Chipset and 512 Mb DDR2 memory.

The entire install from start to finish took exactly one hour, which is half the time than was needed for SL 3.1. This speed gain was also noticeable in first time bootup. From the login screen (KDM) it went downhill. It was extremely slow and I could see the light of my wifi connection blinking on and off, as if it was trying to get it up and running. The resulting KDE desktop was only half loaded (no menu panel) and also the Gnome desktop was no improvement. I could get the Enlightenment desktop up and running, but loading the applications was excruciating. Apparently something was wrong. The Sabayon forums gave a simple solution: unplug the network cable while booting. And that did work.

From that point on it was a pleasure to work with SL 3.2 on the laptop. The KDE and Gnome desktops are very responsive, the applications load very fast and are a pleasure to work with. I use Kuroo to install new applications (like GTK Blog and Neverwinter Nights, which will take a while. I hope it will work out fine, because the nwitalian files are a bit worrying…).

The wifi is enabled out of the box and that is a big plus compared to Ubuntu Dapper Drake or Mandriva. It recognizes both neigbors with wifi routers, one of which is unprotected. It is one of those things that add to the desktop experience. Like on the desktop PC the max resolution is set to 1024×768. I haven’t tried Christopher’s suggestions yet and it shouldn’t be a problem to manually edit the X-related files. Yet, as I continue to look at the distribution from a Windows to Linux migration perspective, it would be a point to look at in the next release.


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